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    SO these days our phones our no different than our home computer. Other than we our probably more reckless with our info. SO I Would like to here what other people are using. @ the moment I have for android: onion router, orbit browser, cyber ghost when on wifi, red phone, secure chat, secure txt, app lock locks all apps.
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    I've been working on getting this set up

    Vyprvpn, orbit with superuser access, and Firefox with all the recommended settings and addons from the tor project.

    My phone is fully encrypted and I use Perfect App Protector to lock out certain apps.
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    Can someone give do a write up on Android security for dumb fuckers like me? I read up a lot on computer security, tor vpn, hard drive destruction etc think Jim Goose had a lot of helpful information on pc security, I haven't actually implemented any of it, as I plan on a new laptop and implementation of security from then on. I'm upgrading phone shortly too, at the moment I've been reading meso without any security, and a lot of searching for powders homebrew etc so I assume my isp has enough Shit on me already? Anyways moving forward I've only learned about Internet security in the last couple of weeks on MESO, I was under the impression beforehand that when you reformatted a H/d it was clean as a whistle now I'm like hmm perhaps we should all be using smaller hard drives and replace them more frequently
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    Your ISP should not be able to 'see' what you are looking at on this site because it uses TLS (https) to encrypt the connection. However numerous groups can see that you visit the site (ie. your DNS server, ISP, CloudFlair, etc.)

    @pumpingiron22 Not sure if you do, but if you pipe all your phone's internet through Tor, you should make sure you're not letting the google/android account services to 'phone home', as this will significantly decrease your anonymity; not to mention it is possible (not probable though,) that the exit node could intercept your Google credentials.
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