Pia vpn with open vpn

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  1. bambam333

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    i Don’t have much knowledge in this I’m just looking for a regular vpn but keep seeing that I’m supposed to run open vpn with pia vpn or any vpn that I choose. Is this necessary or would the standalone vpn be fine on its own
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    What's your purpose for the VPN?

    Just for ordering products online or other?

    Tails OS bootable on USB, +VPN, preferably random wifi, and you are good to.

    Btw, make sure nothing us traced back to you.
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  3. bambam333

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    Yea pretty much just anonymity for whatever I’m doing
  4. I’ve used NordVPN, they don’t keep logs so if even if LE issued them a warrant they have nothing to give them but their hq is outside the US, Panama, so that’s likely never happening. It’s especially good if you don’t know much or don’t want to do much configuration on your own, tho you could.
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    Use Nord as well and am very satisfied with it. Very easy to use and the app works well.
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  6. MindlessWork

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    Heard good things about them as well and they do support OpenVPN which is perfect for my Linux rig.
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  7. Yea i like it, a lot of servers to choose from and openvpn is the default set up on the app.

    Oh I just remembered if you or the OP or anyone else is interested I think the coupon 70off is still valid for 1 year subscription. Might be $70 off the full price not sale price not sure, regardless still cheaper than most of their promo prices.
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  8. MindlessWork

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    I will check it out as never heard about that special.
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    Yea I think for January the 3 year subscription is like 100 bux
  10. I heard it from a guy on a forum, you just click on the coupon button and enter the code, 99% sure it’s for 1 yr only
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    I'll check that out as well and maybe use $100 from my tax refund for it.
  12. bambam333

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    Yea I just checked again at the nord site it says 9 hours left for 2.99. A month for 3 years comes to 107 and some change it says
  13. Glocker

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    I would not use PIA or any vpn service domiciled in the US regardless of my residency. US intel agencies already know if you use your right hand or your left for picking your nose and they log that datapoint forever to be used for later analysis. And depending on where you are located I would look for a service provider in a country that is hostile or at least not under the political or financial influence of your home country. Nordvpn has a good reputation overall but there has been some controversy about them linked to a data-mining company. Search for Tesonet; There could be some truth or it could be a smear campaign. There is no way to be 100% anonymous using vpn-only to connect but i think each of the reputable ones are just as secure as the other. As far as openvpn; as i understand this its just a connection protocol that may vpn providers give you as an option other than connecting using their client. So when you say you are supposed to use openvpn is this for linux? I am not sure any vpn providers have a client for linux and you probably need the openvpn to access their servers. If you are running thru windows most vpn providers have a client you install on the desktop and using openvpn instead is optional not required.
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    Has anybody used the free VPN offered by protonmail?
  15. balco

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    Protonmail is trustworthy and has proved it in the past.
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  16. balco

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    Proton VPN and AirVPN are the both two I could recommend for anonymity. There are other very small very secure VPN'S but those are the two I'm aware of.

    When it comes to VPN's you generally need to choose between speed and security. For example express VPN is one of the fastest but they are a corporation and with that comes security issues (generally).

    If you are just using the VPN for AAS you can't get better than proton if you take price, security and speed into consideration.

    Last thing; it's a major pro if your VPN provider provides a warrant canary where users can see each and every warrant the VPN receives.
  17. mr_meanor

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    I personally just pay 70$ a year for IPVanish. It is really fast and has great apps for my phone and other devices, which is ideal because I stayed logged in 24/7. It is a no log vpn, so even though it is based in the USA, if for some reason the feds pulled a warrant they have no back logs to provide. If I didn't pay for IPVanish I would use proton.
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    The only 100% secure method