Pimple after injection

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Btcowboy, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Btcowboy

    Btcowboy Member

    So those that know me here, knowing have been B&C for about a year, strictly quads until recently. Anyways second pin in left delt today and about an hour after injection I notice what looks like a tiny white pimple where I injected, anything to worry about? First time I have seen this. Same vial, for the past couple weeks, wiped injection site 2x, wiped vial so sterility hasn't changed.
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  2. EazyE

    EazyE Member

    Likely minor. Keep an eye on it.
  3. Btcowboy

    Btcowboy Member

    Will do, just odd an hour after injection. Maybe fluke and a pimple popped up close to where I injected. Time will tell in suppose.
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  4. Whoremoans

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    Probably just a pimple.
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  5. Vipera1

    Vipera1 Member

    All good. Nothing to worry about.
  6. Hacksaw Jim

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    Once in awhile I will have that happen when injecting into traps. For me, it goes away in about 6 days or so. Mine is usually a big red pimple
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  7. Tinytim

    Tinytim Member

    Leave it alone. Dont squeeze it, forget about it.
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  8. Btcowboy

    Btcowboy Member

    Was just gonna ask if I should or shouldn’t pop it
  9. Tinytim

    Tinytim Member

    I wouldnt. Every abscess i ever had started out as a pimple i fucked with.
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  10. Btcowboy

    Btcowboy Member

    Copy that, no popping
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  11. RestlessWonder

    RestlessWonder Junior Member

    Probably just a clogged pore or clogged follicle, nothing to worry sbout
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  12. GBPackers

    GBPackers Junior Member

    Agreed, sounds like a clogged pore nothing more
  13. LeoTC

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    Is something to be mindful of when injecting though.

    Same reason you wouldn't tattoo over a pimple, it's technically infectious tissue. You don't want to potentially take something innocuous and put it into muscle where it becomes anything but.
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  14. Btcowboy

    Btcowboy Member

    My thought exactly, I know the pimple was not there, or at least not visible when i pinned. Shortly after pinning it showed up in the exact spot.

    I have taken advice and left it alone. I kept it clean, used some polysporin and at this point seems to be a non issue.
  15. tsizzle

    tsizzle Member

    I get them on my Glutes every few weeks, big ones. I just leave them alone and they go away after a 4-5 days or so