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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by flenser, May 19, 2019.

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    Any new information floating around on pinched nerve treatment? I've been dealing with neck issues for years, mostly through chiropractor, massage, NSAIDs, ice etc. I also do a series of stretches and mobility exercises I have adopted or developed over the years. I had it pretty much under control, or thought I did, then over the last couple of weeks I lost the ability to raise my left arm above my shoulder.

    X-rays and MRI didn't really show any physical damage, just some misalignment in the neck and jaw. The pain is minimal, but I can't lift at all. Even just using the leg press causes enough tension to make the shoulder spasm.

    Going to see if I can get another MRI next week. The last one is years out of date.
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    Have you tried acupuncture bro? Sorry to hear this news man. I’ve heard nothing but good things about acupuncture though - something to consider.
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    I think you should get acupuncture [ IN YOUR EYEBALLS]
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    Damn, that was just harsh broham. Don’t know how I’ll recover from that one. :(
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    Inversion may help, even traction. Surgery probably down the road
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    Looking a lot like surgery ATM, just don't know what kind yet. Waiting on a second MRI, one of the neck, and another of the shoulder. There are some disc issues in the neck, but the doc doesn't think they are bad enough to screw up my shoulder this completely. So either I have some serious RC issues that need surgery, or I will need decompression surgery on at least one disc. Hopefully, not both.
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    Sorry to hear this bro. Hoping for a better outcome and as a worst case scenario, a speedy recovery.
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    So much for the pinched nerve theory. The shoulder MRI analysis starts with:

    "A full-thickness tear of the distal supraspinatus tendon arises anteriorly with retraction of the torn tendon margin resulting in a fluid-filled gap of approx. 6mm."

    It goes on to list numerous other tears, including both biceps tendons. I have surgery scheduled for the beginning of August after my vacation. <sigh>

    Still can't figure out how it happened. I don't remember injuring it, unless it happened the same time I torn my lat doing weighted pull-ups.
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    Sorry to hear this bro. Hoping for a speedy recovery.
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    Forgot even put that dipshit on the ignore list. XD

    Check out PTs that specialize in sports medicine. I've had issues with my left shoulder for years, and at one point couldn't train shoulders at all because of it.

    No damage, no impingement that we could track down either.

    And this is where I'm probably going to sound crazy - but frozen shoulder can actually be a mental / emotional issue.

    I know when I'm in a not so great place, issues start cropping back up. At its worst, that's exactly where I was at too.

    Completely locked at about chest level.

    So definitely worth exploring with a sports psychologist before you rush into an OR.

    Edit: Didn't see the MRI results until now. That's shitty, but at least it's an answer.

    Sorry about the luck there, Bub.
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    Heh, yea. The MRI results ended my denial phase. At least now I know to ice my shoulder instead of my neck.
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    So, got out of surgery about 3 hours ago. Still can't feel my fingers. Would be a real kick to jerk off with that hand, but unfortunately I can't move my fingers either : )

    The doc cleaned up 3 tears, two in the back, and one in the biceps short head. The long head is gone for good. Also "reshaped" the RC in the lower front, and ground down the acromion - a lot by nurse accounts.

    I'm strapped to an ice machine now and just waiting to see how much pain I have when the nerve block wears off. If I start making whacked out posts later (more whacked out than usual, I mean), it means I went for the Oxycodone they gave me. More than likely I'll just take ibuprofen, though.

    I'm told a full 6 months before I can train again. Hoping to get that down to 3 or 4 months with GH and clean living..
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    Damn..... heal up quick brother.
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    Thanks for the update bro. Hoping for a speedy recovery for you.
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    I guess I'm turning this into a log. Haven't seen many logs going over recovery. Maybe someone will find it useful.

    So things are going well, I guess, other than the boredom. Never needed pain meds except a couple of times to force sleep and get my schedule realigned with work.

    Finally starting PT, but it so far consists of someone moving my arm through its limited ROM while continuously telling me to stay completely relaxed and asking if it hurts yet. I do get to do pendulums at home now, but they are so far painful as hell.

    I can handle about 20 min of coding with 2 hands before I need to rest the shoulder. With one hand my typing is glacial slow, almost not worth the effort. I'm told this is the norm for at least the next 4 weeks, sigh.

    Something I find weird in all of this is the absence of neck pain. I have had an issue with my neck since my 20s, more than 3 decades. Nothing I've tried, including one previous shoulder surgery, has ever completely stopped it from hurting. But now, even while going through motions I know makes it hurt, I can't feel it at all. I'm wondering if the acromiom was the whole problem, and having it ground down fixed my neck for good. If so, my chiropractor just lost a major source of income.
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    Sounds to me like the ol chiropractor made a lifetime customer out of you without ever really healing you. No pity from me for him.
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    "This is Chiro Town" Sorry about your news. Im just back from my 3 times a week visit. I reach up to change a light bulb, and cant feel anything in my fingers, no strength. Im hoping pinched nerve. MRI next week. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I can deal with the pain if everythings working.
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    I'm following. I had a pinched nerve somewhere in my neck made my whole arm numb to my fingers and the pain was excruciating for about 8 weeks straight. Im still not 100%. I Hope you can get back to training soon.
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    I got my surgery bill today. If all the different companies involved gave me the same "discount", I could just write them a check and save a fortune on insurance bills. I sure didn't pay $0.00 like they indicate.

  20. flenser

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    Yea, I tried the stay ignorant path, but it eventually wore me down. Hope your issue is easy to treat with minimal down time. I'm already inventing shoulder friendly (read boring) exercises to get through the 6 months of rehab.
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