pink thai dbol legit?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by skywalk, Dec 17, 2003.

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    skywalk Member

    got my hands on some and i'm wondering if they're legit. are they supposed to have some kind of imprint or something? mine just has a line straight through it on one side, and is a small & pink, shaped like a pentagon. breaks up with just a little saliva. /shrug

    thanks in advance,
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    ThePatriot Junior Member

    Do they look like these? If so your good.

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    weeman Junior Member

    I used the same type, they are legit. Worked wonders :)
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    ThePatriot Junior Member

    I was just kidding here they are.


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    skywalk Member

    thx for the pic. yes they look like those on your pic. they're so small and tasteless, and dissolved in my mouth so fast that I got a tad suspicious.
    thanks for putting my mind at ease.....

    Skywalk ;) ;)
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    ThePatriot Junior Member

    Nah just fucked up on attaching. Its late and the brain is telling me to go to sleep.

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    ThePatriot Junior Member

    Glad to be of service :D

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    Whoaimskinny Junior Member

    actually i think the British Dragons(made in china distributed via Thailand..scored but no imprint) are sweet once they melt in your mouth..and the British dispensary(genuine Thai..scored on one side and a imprint of a snake on the other side) have a bitter taste when you bite into should have some kind of a taste though so be suspicious of that...
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    kent1 Junior Member

    maybe they are legit ,and thats all it matter ,but i get mine from my source , that provides me British Dispensary and they are awsome. Here's the pic.

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    batista Junior Member


    Yeah those are the snake&arrow. I have the old version with the line in the middle of the tab.

    I received mine from a well-known source and I know they are legit.
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    ThePatriot Junior Member

    They look so cute to me. I remember when I use to have some. Then I ate them because they pissed me off.

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    kent1 Junior Member

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    Ronin_ Junior Member

    I agree that's what I thought.

    The Dispensary def have a bitter taste and are hard to break
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    steveamaniac Junior Member

    Hi guys, new member! Great forum.

    Mine are the same as that but have what looks like a shoe kicking a football or am I blind and looking at it wrong?

    Anyone came across these?
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    dougdr Junior Member

    the ones with the score and the snake on the other side are british dispencery and are 5 mg per tab actuall test rated them closer to 7 or 8 but thier newer stuff have been getting closer to 5 mg worked great for me love the d-dol for a great kick start to a bulkerbut up your doses if you just got it i went from only 4 a day to 7 your body will let you know when your dosing too high your hunger goes away and its hard to take in cals.
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    Porthoz Junior Member

    those look "too legit to quit"

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    smaretick Junior Member

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    rinse12 Junior Member

    hey new here, i am hitting a plato and my body is just starting to grow slower even with great work out sessions and proper nutrition, i think its time for some dbol but have no clue where to get the legit ones. any help?
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    MAY1963 Junior Member

    The B-Dispensary from Thailand should have a snake and arrow. These are the one's I prefer. They are as good if not better than the naposim's. The russian D-bol's are stronger, but much harder on the liver. They are 5mg's and work great. 6-8 weeks on is reccommended. They definately have a bitter taste. All D-bol are made to be taken under your tongue to dissolve(subuccal), it goes straight to bloodstream, and should dissolve rather quickly. The ones in question look legit, the scoring and edges look pharmacuetical and legit. I always trusted the snake and arrow from B-Dispensary. I have been BB'ing for over 20 years and never need more than 8 or 40mg's of D-bol. You need a lot of protein, atleast 1.5grams per lb. of body weight. The more I took the hungrier I got. Don't forget to taper off, along with proper pct. Here is a pic of the bottle and tabs.
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    andysutils Member

    thats right, they have a snake imprint on one side and they taste really friggin bittery, i also knew my source was legit when i took them cos my whole body went as tight as a frogs arse after a week or so of taking them.

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