pituitary tumor >? maybe

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    low testosterone since i was 22

    low igf-1 since 22

    high tsh levels

    eleveted prolactin sometimes

    elevated 24 hr urine catacohlimines

    constint flight or fight feeling , for yrs now .

    fatigue , lowered sex drive, rollercoaster moods , bad bad muscle stiffness . if i fold my legs on the couch i have to take a minute to un fold my leg cause its stuck , kinda like when we were young and your hands stuck to the swings after use.

    anyway , im at the end of my rope , i have tried everthing under the sun , im going to new end ( 5th one ) in december . but i have had it man 11 yrs of this and not one answer to mt problems , its not like i have the symptoms with no bloodwork, i have all the bloodwork telling my story .

    please if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

    all these symptoms bring me back to pituitary issue , which i had an mri for but i read that 40% dont get found .