Planning a Deca and Test C cycle.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by AirBoat'n, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. AirBoat'n

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    Planning my next cycle with Deca 300mg once a week and test c 300mg at the same time. Also hcg At 250 iu twice a week. I have not started the cycle but have the test, hcg and deca already. I have not purchased pct stuff yet but am researching that still. I’m in no hurry to start, actually planning on having a kid and was waiting to start until she is pregnant and I have all pct stuff on hand.

    I am 6’0 at 205 lbs and 41 yrs old I’m guessing 18-20% bf but that’s a guess. The plan is to stop the deca while continuing the test c for 3 more weeks, while doing the hcg through the whole cycle.

    I’m not sure how many weeks to run the deca but I have 2 10ml vials of deca300 and 3 of the Test c 250 (yeah will have to draw a tad more than 1 ml).

    Nothing is final so I’m up for hearing experiences and suggestions. Never ran deca but have ran tren a couple yrs ago with no issues.
  2. JohnnyD

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    I've ran this cycle (with higher amounts) several times, it's a great winter bulking cycle for me. I'd caution you to get blood work done first and be aware that deca can be tough to fully recover from so make sure your pct is a good one. If I were you I'd consider bumping the test up to at least 400-500mg.
  3. picholas

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    Have you ever used Deca before?

    For my next cycle I wanted to, but after research and talking to others I have been steered to the shorter ester NPP to see if the sides are something I can handle + easier pct

    Just food for thought.
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  4. AirBoat'n

    AirBoat'n Member

    I did get blood work done but they didn’t show E2. Thanks, ok I will def consider upping the test. What was your pct? Did you run hcg through the cycle as well?

    Never ran deca, only tren but at that time I was on trt and didn’t run extra test with it. I had no neg sides. Chose deca over npp for ease (less pinning).
  5. Evom1

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    Quick bit of input
    Split your weekly dose into two different pins, like Monday Thursday

    Also if by chance you get deca dick, good time for it since the Mrs will be pregnant
  6. AirBoat'n

    AirBoat'n Member

    I could do that. Lol, true but hopefully that’s not an issue. Was hoping the lower dosage wouldn’t be so mean.
  7. Evom1

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    Having test a little higher than the deca some say can reduce the likelihood. Maybe do 500/300?
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  8. Oldschool

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    Gets my vote. Thats a good cycle.
  9. AirBoat'n

    AirBoat'n Member

    Looks like I’ll be upping the test then. Any suggestions on how long to run the deca? I was thinking 10-12 weeks but would hate to loose out by cutting it too short.
  10. Big_paul

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    Begin your cycle when you when you have everything you need. I'd get Deca dick man if I was using 300 each.
  11. BigNattyDaddy

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    I agree with @JohnnyD. More test and get blood work done.
  12. Lipripper

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    Hey...I'm 51 yrs old... Running test c 300 mg E5D with 200 mg of deca. 6'4 225 .Having good results. Joints feel great and strength has increased after 3 weeks on the it's kicking in.. running adex at .04 ml EOD I'm having no side effects. Dick works tits... Loving it. We are all different just pay attention to your body. I've never ran deca over 125 for joint relief as I'm an old fuck but I bumped it up to try it. I'm liking it a lot
  13. Lipripper

    Lipripper Junior Member

    Fuck..typo...I'm 54.... Lmfao. Old age getting my.mind....
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  14. prkway

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    don't worry about the deca dick.
    running 300 test and 750 deca (with a little tren) and have no issues.
    i'd go with 250 test/week, 2 ml's of deca(not sure what your concentration is but anywhere from 200-300mg/ml will fit with this.)
    if you run this, don't freak about not bloating up like crazy right away like you do on a higher test cycle but once the gains really kick in, you'll be glad you didn't go high test.
  15. anfee

    anfee Member

    Throwing this out there, but not everyone is the same. Not everyone will have the same experience as you.

    300 test and 750 deca would have never been advised by anyone for someone dabbling for the first time with deca. And when you say “a little tren” wtf does that mean? When running tren, tren is almost always higher or at least a 1:1 ratio to test. You would like you’ve not thought this threw.

    OP - I would NOT advise you to do a 2:1 deca to test ratio. No way. A 1:1 ratio is way more sensible as well as a little higher test than deca.
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  16. CAswole

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    Love test deca. No ed issues here to speak of but I do take cialis ed. Throw a lil tren in there and we got a winner lol
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  17. AirBoat'n

    AirBoat'n Member

    @Lipripper that’s good to know, it doesn't look to far from my original plan.

    @prkway It’s good to know that’s working fine. For my first run with deca I’m not wanting to go over 300. Your input is much appreciated!

    @anfee def keeping it on the conservative side for this go ‘round
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  18. Worf

    Worf Member

    Did you notice strength improvements on the 125mg dose?
  19. Lipripper

    Lipripper Junior Member

    No I been running that for months. Arthritis in my hands is bad and I have bad knees n ankles from humping Volkswagens on my back for 20 years in the Army. It didn't fix it obviously but my hand n joints feel way better on at that dose. I had zero sides so I decided to bump it a bit n see's working for me at a low sides so I'll work this for quite a while n get what I can out of it.
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  20. prkway

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    somebody didn't get his adex today..
    to use your logic, he may not respond well to the 2:1 ratio because not everybody is you and won't have the same experience.

    a little tren? it's a little tren.