Plant based/meat protein new study

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    I’ve always questioned plant/meat. To my understanding as long as it’s a complete your ok. This was the main reason I gave up meat. I figured I could get the same protein without the fats/cholesterol
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  3. yes you can, it’s just a lot less convenient and budget friendly IMO. because i eat a lot of premade products like gardein, field roast, tofurky etc etc.

    a bag of gardein chicken strips last me 2 days for $4/5. a pound of chicken at walmart is $2 a lb. so it’s not in everybody’s budget.

    but making gains, as long as it’s complete it’s the same. and definitely beneficial for keeping LDL healthy.
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    It’s definitely expensive but we are fortunate at the moment.
    I’m still hitting 250-280g of protein a day and 250-350g of carbs while keeping fats low. Avoiding dairy/meat makes it hard for me to hit 3500+ calories. That’s the struggle. At the end of the day if I hit my macros yet my calories are around 2500-2800, I then eat hummus or peanut butter which kills calories
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    How’s the vegan diet going @Sparkyp?
    It’s good to see your Hitting your macros.
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    It’s going fine. Wouldn’t call it a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Been this way for years.

    . I wonder if I even need to keep my calories up if I’m hitting my protein?
    I’m 222lbs now. Been putting on weight. Up 5 pounds in a couple weeks since upping calories
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    PB or Almond butter mixed with protein powder
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    Definitely. The nut butters will kill calories.
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    Fats and cholesterol are something you should have in your diet.
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    I opt to get them from advocados, nuts and I do take fish oil.
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    Lol, fish oil that’s not VEGAN!! After seven years of being vegan ( no fish oil o_O)
    I’m back to being a vegetarian and I’m eating 6 whole eggs and a cup of egg whites every day. I take flax seed oil every morning and usually consume 6-8 tbls of nut butter and a 1/4 cup of hempseeds. Yeah cholesterol and fat intake are high but I feel awesome. My fats intake is normally 125g ed with less then 20g of saturated fat.
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    I never understood the vegans not eating eggs thing. They're basically free food; chickens are gonna lay them either way, no need to waste.
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    Lol. As i mentioned before, I’m not a “save the animals” vegan. I’m all for hunting and killing game for food. I did this for health reasons. So yeah, I take fish oil. I’m actually considering maybe bringing lean turkey/chicken slowly back to my diet. Maybe 3X a week. Idk

    I’m allergic to eggs and milk products. As soon as I eat the stuff I flare up with red blotches and patches on my skin otherwise I’d eat them.
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    Vegan: native for bad hunter.
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    Gotta eat in moderation brother. Even Seth feroce has given up the red meat and sticks with poultry. Your colon and organs can only handle so much. Not easy stuff to digest.

    I’m actually considering slowly incorporating turkey/chicken back into my diet maybe 3-5x a week or 1 meal a day
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    I agree red meat should only be eaten a few times a week and at 1/3 the portions most people eat. As far as chicken and poultry goes I plan on staying away from that gnarly shit forever if possible. I have a friend who works for a high end international food distributor. He’s been in those slaughter houses and knows exactly what there pumping that shit with. He explained to me that they inject coloring and basically artificial poultry broth to add to the weight.
    So a 8ox chicken breast is actually only 5 oz and 3oz of solution. They use this process with hams, and nasty ass cold cuts too!

    Obviously if your a farmer that raised the stock or a hunter then this doesn’t concern you. If I ever decided to eat animal flesh again it would most definitely be small amounts of seafood. I’ll take my chances with the high mercury absorption which isn’t an issue if eaten in moderation. I don’t miss beef, pork, chicken or anything associated with it. Though I do miss the fuck out Sushi, crab, shrimp, lobster, red snapper, muscles, scallops all that good shit!
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    Lol, no need to hate homie!
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    So what is your primary protein source?
    I use a lot of soy which after 5 years I’m thinking I may incorporate either fish or poultry again.
    5 years ago I wasn’t training.
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    Brother I switch it up a lot, so it’s hard to say. Here’s a basic example of my day.

    3 whole eggs 3-4 cup of whites
    1/4 cup shredded cheese
    whole wheat tortillas

    Early morning
    Greek yogurt
    Hemp seeds
    1/4 flax granola

    Peanut butter and honey sandwich

    1/2 pack tofurkey seiten chic N
    1/2 can of garbanzo beans
    10 asparagus spears

    Pre workout
    1/2 Apple with almond butter
    1/2 brown rice and tofu

    Post workout
    1 1/2 scoop of whey isolate
    2 tbls almond butter
    1 cup of organic oats
    Silk protein plant milk
    25 mg cluster dextrin

    Baked sweet potato
    Spinach tortilla wrap
    1/2 package of gardien chx strips

    Tofurkey ital sausage with jalapeños
    1/2 cup quinoa

    Sometimes another
    Peanut butter and honey sandwich
    Or more yogurt
    Or more eggs

    Before bed
    1 1/2 scoops of choc pB casein
    pB or almond butter
    Silk plant based protein milk

    This is an average day.
    I’m always switching it up.
    I also like the gardien ground beef for tacos or pasta meat sauce, sometimes the gardien meatballs, sometimes tempeh tacos,

    A cheat meal for me is pizza or sesame tofu

    I didn’t start lifting until I stopped being an alcoholic coke head eight years ago.
    So vegan for seven years and this is the first cycle I’ve even ran as a non vegan.
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