Plastic as an endocrine disruptor: bs?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Goingstronger, May 18, 2018.

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    I keep reading to ward off plastic containers, bottles, packaging, cutlery, and to avoid seafood as it has quite some plastic in it.

    All these mainstream articles keep repeating the same mantra, that plastics are endocrine disruptors and that they act as estrogens in the body.

    However I never found any study talking about the magnitude of this problem (does it increase estro by 0.2%? 2%? 20%?)

    As we now know, the soy phytoestrogen issue was way overblown as phytoestrogens only have 1/1000th of the potency of actual estrogens.

    Is it the same for plastic, and are we worrying for nothing?
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    plastic scares the shit out of me frankly. I'm far from a guy with an educated guess on this subject but it wouldn't surprise me. lots of medical issues in humans have gained steam since the mainstream adoption of plastics in everyday use. fear of the unknown I guess...
  3. i feel you on that one. Between contaminated ground water and living not far from an old waste dump site, i don't need any help from plastic to kill me off.

    Interesting read, btw.

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    Appreciate it and now I hate it even more lol
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    That article didn't make me much wiser. Of course you get miniscule amounts of everything with your food. Store it in a stainless container and there are probably similar amounts of stainless steel in the food.

    Is it a problem?

    That I didn't see in the article.

    Considering the huge (relatively speaking) amounts of hormones we inject, I have a hard time seeing how such miniscule amounts, that also have to go through the stomach, can do anything of substance.
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