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  1. LeoTC

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    So just said fuck it and pulled the trigger on a rack, pull down, and bench.

    Now I've been looking for plates for the last two hours.

    What the fuck is going on?

    Even the shit 300lb sets with a throwaway bar are going for 600-1000. Are plates really still that hot a commodity?
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  2. EazyE

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    Supply and demand price gouging.
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  3. EazyE

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    Lots of guys had good luck buying used weights. Might be an option.
  4. LeoTC

    LeoTC Member

    Been looking for used plates, seems tracking down 45's is a bitch right now. Can't turn around without running into 2.5, 5, and 10's though.

    Almost debating just casting plates and selling them. I could build a crucible and make molds for a couple hundred.
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  5. flenser

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    Amazon occasionally has CAP 45's in stock. $2 a pound, though, and the damned things sell out in a couple of hours. You have to keep checking.
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  6. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    If you live in or near a city check with the scrapyards. Believe it or not the junkies steal plates, or pick them and sell them at $0.06 a pound scrap value. There’s a scrapyard 30 mins from me that sells plates at $0.50/pound when they have them.
  7. Btcowboy

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    Yup took me almost 3 months to get all my plates. Online at least has come down some if that is saying much as they still too pricey in my opinion. Online are pretty much a rip off these days but they will be cheap one day.
  8. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    You got a play it again sports by you? Ours is doing phone orders with curbside pickup. Beyond that I had luck with facebook market place, and did a post and found some from a friend that didn't have a use anymore.
    I'm going to check the scrap yard by me now. Never thought of that
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  9. LeoTC

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    Hadn't even considered that, I'll have to ask when I go in for weight for the kegs.

    Found a few good listing on offer up if they're still current. So fingers crossed there. Just hard to believe that everyplace is completely out of stock.

    Even looking for old rusted plates is a pain.

    Meanwhile I just picked up the items above for about $825. Wild.

    Think we've still got a PIA in Sioux Falls. I'll have to take a look.

    The 2nd Wind place was a bust.
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  10. Btcowboy

    Btcowboy Member

    Yup I picked up 685lbs plates for about 2.10 a lb... wasnt cheap
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  11. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    I had a family member give me two 45's, two 35's, two 25's, two 5's, and two 2.5's that had been sitting outside for years. Rusty, but functional and free. Then I bought ten new 35's locally for $1/lb rather than pay $2/lb for their 45's.
  12. Peltz

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    Even benches are going for twice what they were before lockdown.

    When lockdown happened I just bought 5/8 chain about 100 feet worth and cut it to all different lengths, about 350lbs in total. Mated with cable pull attachments.

    Most versatile gym equipment I've every used. period, I can do shit with chains and move in all directions, creativity is endless, plus footprint is small.
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  13. Yes the plates are still outrageously priced. Academy, dicks, walmart etc are still only getting a trickle a d the you gotta beat the price gouging scumbums who don't have a job and run to check those stores everyday and buy up the 2 to 6 plates they get 3 times a week. I found one 45lb plate at walmart the other day and found guy on marketplace selling one of the same Walmart weider plates I had, they retail for $35 and he had his set at $85, I know what he paid so I offered him $60. Well the dude was a dick and I withdrew my offer and told him to go fuck himself and good luck selling one plate at least he could have made a quick $25 profit off of me but nope fuckem. He still has that one plate for sale now after 2 weeks. Shits rough right now with the guys who dont have jobs running around buying up all the decent priced plates and marking them up. I'm about to start laser cutting my own plates and stamping the weight on them myself
  14. LeoTC

    LeoTC Member

    Snagged a 300lb set from for under $500 if anyone is still looking.

    They had a few more sets in stock. Powertec has plates coming in about 10 weeks.

    Also found a small group that's making reinforced concrete plates and coating them in rubber. Selling at 1.00 a pound and sound promising.

    Waiting on more info there, I'll share when I have it.
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  15. flenser

    flenser Member Supporter

    Thanks, I just grabbed their last 2 45's. Now I have enough to dead lift at home.
  16. Rival

    Rival Member

    what kind of lat pulldown you end up getting? Been looking at xmark (out of stock) and a body solid one that seems pretty decent. Hopefully the xmark comes back in stock sometime soon
  17. Jankauskas

    Jankauskas Member

    I can’t believe that a manufacturer like rogue still hasn’t gotten their shit together and have been out of stock for everything for over 3 months....

    It’s unreal
  18. Btcowboy

    Btcowboy Member

    Yup been checking them out often. Almost everything says Notify Me..
  19. Jankauskas

    Jankauskas Member

    I think its pathetic for a company like rogue to still not have sorted this bullshit out.

    I used to think of them as a massive company , since I saw their shit everywhere, but after this it seems to me they are more like a backyard small business....

    Not to speak that the fucking plates themselves are made in China, yes you read correctly, so I don’t know what the fucking excuse is...
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