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    My husband and I are attempting to conceive child number #3. We found out is testosterone level was 119. He is only 32 yrs. old. His FSH and LH are also low. He was referred to an urologist and recieved an injection of Depo Testerone 200mg. The urologist did not ask him anything about fertility or wanting children. I know TRT can reduce sperm and there are alternatives. I want to ask the urologist at his next appt to consider hcg or clomid. In my husband's case, which one is preferred over the other? Or can they be used together? The dosages would be helpful also. I was upset after he recieved the injection and questioned the office nurse about it. She never heard of Clomid for low testerone nor did she ever hear of testerone injects affecting fertility. This has me worried the urologist is clueless about alternative methods. I just want the facts when I go with him to his appt. Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated!
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    I would be happy to donate a mouthful..... I'm sorry did I mention I was drinking tonight. I believe the Dbol has stressed my liver/.:mad:
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    Come on vets, help her out :)

    Is 500 IU hcg ED for 10days, or EOD for 20, going to be enough ?

    How about the clomid. That isn`t doing to increase sperm levels while the test shot is still active, is it?

    Is the "Depo Test" Enanthate ? Wait 3 weeks then start hcg & clomid together ?
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    you might consider seeking a consultation with Dr. John Chrisler (sp?) about hcg...i've been warned by doctors that chronic use of hi-dose HCG can damage the Sertoli cells of the testes. otoh, i've been unable to find studies confirming or refuting this...
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    I'm not a fertility doc...but when I see what your endo is doing... I am wondering if he or she has gotten a proper education!???? testosterone has little impact on fertility.

    Anyway, what I would do in your case:
    Remark: I don't have experience with clomid, so I can only tell you how I would try to increase fertility with hcg. I think it usually most docs first try Clomid, then swith to the HCG-protocol when Clomid does not yield any results.

    1. Go and see a fertility doc ands have the sperm checked. Is there enough (sperm count) and do they "swim" like it should. When checking sperm, they also check acidity and other parameters. (if all of th is is OK, then have sex every 3 to 5 days: this is the optimal frequency for sperm qualitiy).
    2. When the sperm is not OK, have a blood test done. I would measure Total T, LH and FSH.
    3. If LH and/or FSH are below the normal referance range of your lab, you can start a HCG protocol (eg. Pregnyl). Now here is where TRT docs disagree with normal docs, I believe. A normal doc would starrt you up on 1500 IU every 3 days. If the body overreacts, you will risk desentisising the testicles. A TRT doc would start of on a lower dosis and adjust where needed. 300 iu every 3 days might be a good starting point (also see Dr Crislers HCG protocol in the sticky section). Do NOT add testosterone at this point, as testosterone has an inhibiting effect on LH production. (Remark: HCG is chemically almost similar as LH, so it will also suppres the body's own LH production, but the suppressed LH is replaced with the injected HCG.)
    4. Do the bloodwork again, when the bloodlevels approach the ref ranges, do the sperm trest again.
    If FSH remains too low, you can switch from HCG to a combination of FSH/HCG (brand name: Menopur), but it's a difficult protocol: due to the short half life of FSH you will need an injection pump implanted for regular small injections.

    One last remark: total T on its own is NO indicator for fertility. LH and FSH are much more important.
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    get more sex a day...and you will get pregnant for sure!
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    My girl would be on here asking the same thing lol I act like am with her on the idea but am glad I am not able to have kids lol just don't let her know:D
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    I am a patient of Dr. Crisler in MI who uses hcg in combination with testosterone.

    As his patient I can't divulge the dosing of my protocol, but he has papers on his website describing his protocol and he is available for consults, or you (your hubby) could go there like I did.

    I can tell you that after 2.5 years on TRT my wife and I conceived a child the first month we tried. FWIW.
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    Seriously, you dont want any testosterone added to the mix. Get hcg 3-500/day till kicking. Have LH and FSH tested in him. Testosterone and Estradiol levels too. Perhaps clomid if HCG does not get it going. Have you been tested. FYI, the only doc you guys need to be seeing is a FERTILITY DOC. This is the one that can help with all of this. These are standard protocols. Will also make sure you are not the problem either.. Your insurance will cover this through your OB referral if you can document a couple of miscarriages. The fertility doc will determine appropriate testing for you. Reading further I see you have already tested his LH and FSH. THE UROLOGIST IS THE LAST PERSON YOU WANT TO SEE. Unless the high risk (fertility) doc sends you there. A urologist knows nothing about HRT. A urologist will also tell you testosterone is the last thing he needs now ( this is about all they get right other than diagnosing cancer and some of them cant even do that). HIgh risk/fertility doc will send him there to look at the nutz and make sure no vericose anomalies, etc. that may require fixing. The fertility docs will do most of the prescribing. Did I mention going to a Fertility doc.???? FYI, is this is child number 3 you are going for then it is safe to assume he has always been like this. Or close to it. You need testing now. DO you understand the concepts of temperature monitoring, stringy mucosa, and ovulation. Once you learn your body you will know the second you ovulate. My wife can feel hers start. By the way, he can save a batch bnot for more than 2-3 days tops before you have to blow him off. They are no good after that. Too much junk. You have a lot to learn. You figured out the urologist pretty quick so you stand a chance. No re-read everything I wrote......
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    Well...we went to the urologist today. The urologist wanted to prescribe androgel, and I said I didn't want that just yet and wanted to try other methods first. I questioned about clomid and hcg and the urologist said they don't work and hCg has side effects. He referred us to an endocrinologist. My husband was pretty pissed at me because he thinks I am blowing things out of proportion that we don't have a fertility problem. I just don't want to make one by him recieving exogenous testosterone. No, I haven't been checked. I don't feel the need to just yet. We have only been trying for about 1-2 months and found out about his low testosterone and low FSH, so I assume we will and don't want to make it worse. Yet, the urologist didn't order a sperm check just yet. Which then the urologist goes on saying he seen men with normal sperm counts have problems concieving and he seen men with abnormal sperm counts producing children. (didn't really help my case). My husband also thinks exogenous testosterone is not a big deal because he has friends who use anabolic steroids who conceived children without an issue. I just want as much information as possible. As of now, after my questions, the urologist did not prescribe Androgel because of my questions. My husband is pretty pissed off because he has to continue feeling fatigued because of my selfishness. I know testosterone also carries risks. Thanks all of your responses, I really appreciate them.
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    I think we are going to see Dr. Crisler. I just spoke with his office and it seems very convenient for us. I just want a specialist taking care of this problem. We will check him out and go from there!
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    I have low sperm count and still impregnated my wife (now ex). Remember there is a difference between "Low" and "NO" sperm counts. It only takes ONE to get the job done. Was also a good reason to have at least one try a day when we were attempting to get pregnant!
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    I just used hcg for the first time at the end of my last cycle with trenbolone, which shouts things down pretty good to say the least.

    Hcg increased the amount (of volume) of what was white compared to what was not, by a few thousand percent over ten days. And the improvements continued with clomid after the hcg.

    Think you should deffiently go see Dr. Crisler. Both for yours and your husbands sake.

    Best of luck to you.
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    For the hundredth time HCG acts just like LH and to a lessor extent FSH and TSH. Google is wonderful, as you may know alredy, and so is WIKI.
    So If you want to increase T, libido and sperm production in a man shoot him up with HCG, prerferable subQ/EOD. It would be a good idea to have a hendle on the thyroid hormone levels to rule out the possibility of HCG induced hypothyrodism.
    Divide a 10000 IU vial into 8 doses / mth. and use insulin syringes.
    If you follow my advice PM me in a week on let me know how its going.
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    Like he said up there. I still just need to further add what a bunch of assholes urologists are. "Side effects" to hcg usage. What sides. FEELING GREAT. Sweet Jesus. Why doesn't he just say he is ignorant of the subject and out of his field. Oh, yea, I forgot that he is a "doctor" so I am sure has the same asshole god complex.

    OK, As for you my lady. You are not hearing me. ITS YOUR TURN TO BE CHECKED. THE Fertility doc will do that. My wife and I went through the whole shabang. He told her her FSH was low and was a direct indicator of remaining egg quality. She shit herself, but we had one anyway. DID YOU KNOW YOU ARE BORN WITH ALL YOUR EGGS AND NEVER MAKE ANY MORE. I hope you have been good to them. What you will wind up doing is this. The doc will wind up giving you something to hold your egg from dropping. (clomid or HCG i think, not sure). Then when ovulation time comes (the exact afternoon to be decided on when he gives you the shot. One of the above drugs will cause you egg to drop (ovulate) and he will have the afternoon to pepper it with semen. AND NO, when the fertility doc offers to wash and separate his sperm from semen and put it in there, dont go for this the first time unless you really want to piss him and his sperm off. Reluctant sperm are not going to help your case. My wife came around after having the ovulation shot when I was in the hospital recovering from surgery and tanked on lortab. Needless to say the nurses knew something was going on as I really got the whole hospital floor rocking to get that one off. She was on top and still got pregnant. Of course we did not let any get away in the rollover manuver. FINALLY and seriously. Eat his ass for him right before this one. My wife was reading some book about making the male feel wanted and recommended this. This will let him cum without having to rough to boys up so badly. It worked great for me too......:D;):):D
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    I don't think there is any reason to check me out just yet. We haven't even been trying very long, maybe 2 months, if that. It took us one time with our first and two trys with our second. I am not going to waste time and money on a fertility doc for myself unless a year has passed. It takes the average couple 6-12 months to conceive and a fertility doc doesn't consider you infertile until you have been trying for a year. Right now I am concerned with my husband's health and want him to seek proper treatment with damaging his sperm. Once his labs are normal and we still have problems, then I may consider it....but that is last on my list right now. Heck, maybe we don't even have problems...I just don't want to start any by him recieving plain testosterone.
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    First of all, you didn't listen. I stated that you can see one with a few miscarriages under your belt. Every couple has them. If you fessed up would get you to one on coverage. Secondly, you are correct. You have not been trying long enough. Did you read your books yet. The ones that tell you how to chart body temps as related to ovulation. You will learn to feel it. THIRDLY, most people dont realize, ITS POT FUCKING LUCK IF YOU HAVE A HEALTHY BABY!!!!!! 1 in 125 has a heart defect, etc, etc, etc.... I'll leave it at that. We are thinking of a third. You can imagine my concern.....