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  1. ironbone

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    I'm reading all the threads but still confused. I'm not sure why I'm having such a hard time comprehending this.

    I open up a "wallet" Then purchase coins through the "wallet"?

    I've google which wallet to use and they all say they are the best. I just want to spend a few bucks on a few items. It can't be this damn complicated right?

    Can one of you Internet gurus hold my hand step by step so I don't fuck this up.
  2. ironbone

    ironbone Member Supporter

    Got it. No thanks to you!!!

    Just kidding. I over analyze everything. It's actually pretty easy.

    You helped me help myself by not answering....

  3. D-Ballin

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    "Give a man a fish. . ." Lol.

    Post up here or shoot a pm if you got anymore questions man. Sorry I didn't see this earlier.

    Btc makes so much more sense once you get the initial learning curve done.
  4. ironbone

    ironbone Member Supporter

    Yeah I like it alot. Definitely more convenient. Now that I know how to fish, lets see what kind of trouble I can get in rofl
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  5. Sampei

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    you better read carefully because bitcoin if not used properly are not "anonymous" and even when you do use them properly they can still be traced more or less... sometime it just takes so much that it become almost impossible.

    be careful :) and enjoy the bitcoin world and btw don't keep a stash unless you want to speculate because price change quite fast.
  6. ironbone

    ironbone Member Supporter

    Yeah. I have come to the conclusion that nothing is anonymous. If they want to get me, they will. Not much I can do about it.

    I transfered to a few different wallets and stuff but it can technically still be followed.

    I just look at it this way. If they want to waste a ton of time and money chasing a good person for some personal use PEDs then so be it.

    First they would have to prove that everything I write on here isn't just made up. Then they would need warrants yada yada. Just doesn't seem worth it to me.

    I work hard. Provide for my family. Pay my taxes. Take care of people. If using testosterone to fulfill some personal goals and happiness upsets them that much then there isn't much I can do about it.

    The world is a fucked up place
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  7. D-Ballin

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    Anonymity is a hard thing to come by. Even obfuscating via the standard methods is not untraceable, without going to some pretty elaborate lengths.

    In terms of le, even basic safeguards are probably more than enough at the end user level. Unless of course, you pop up on their radar for other reasons. But then you were going in anyway. Sourcing is another issue, and even then, few are really on top of it, and even fewer get taken down. Low hanging fruit, wrong place wrong time, and fucking snitches still make busts. The tech guys just put the nails in the coffin as of now.

    Civil issues worry me more than le with these things. Divorce attorneys are ruthless when a woman is motivated enough to get them that way. Happy wife, happy life. Don't fuck that up if you like your children much. . .
  8. ironbone

    ironbone Member Supporter

    I hear you. I make good money and have more than 1 kid. If the old lady wanted to make my life hell she could. But I'm lucky. Perfect mother, house is always perfect, takes care of all the bills. I don't do anything but work.

    Anything she wants she gets. And she doesn't ask for much. Puts everyone before herself. So I take time to show her how much she means to me.

    We are both into the lifestyle and she may or may not be starting a small Anavar cycle. It's nice not having to hide anything from eachother. I couldn't imagine having to hide pinning from my wife. Just seems stupid.

    She helps me towards my goals and vice versa. We have our problems sure but we try not to sweat the small stuff.
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  9. pumpingiron22

    pumpingiron22 Member Supporter

    Dark wallet or block chain wallet
  10. Stas

    Stas Member

    I'm saying the same thing to myself!
    What i would like to know is :
    is it safe to buy a Bitcoin with credit card?
    How much to buy? Do i can buy the exact amount I need ?
    That's it for now :)
  11. Stas

    Stas Member

  12. vanda3

    vanda3 Member

    I second Dark Wallet, thanks for the setup p22, also yesterday i instlled armory and it says 40-50GB free space needed so i moved alot to usb and cleaned and compressed and still Armory took the rest of my space on my 118 GB drive so I am going to install on my 300GB SElinux drive and try it out but so far Amory is a space hog and a pain.
    Dark Wallet gets my vote but still new at it.
  13. pumpingiron22

    pumpingiron22 Member Supporter

    I like Amory to always took a long time to sync. But its a good wallet.
    And no problem bit coin is the future and I hope that more people use it. It like a check vs a credit card digital is so much easier and fast. Welcome to the future!
  14. T_verde77

    T_verde77 Member

    Yup if they want you bad enough they will get you. if only they left us hard working tax payers alone...
  15. vanda3

    vanda3 Member

    I formatted after install of amory , I guess it downloads every bitcoin transaction ever made so it really took up some space anyway I am sticking with Dark Wallet.
    I still have my first test setup one but also created a clean one as well.
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