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    Being on prescription TRT for about 2 years now and a current cycle of prime (650mg/wk), test(400mg/wk), Anavar(25-50mg/wk), Deca (200mg/wk), about 2iu of pharma grade HGH, my sperm dropped to 2million from over 24million when I was not on TRT or cycle. My fertility doc is suggesting me to run 2500IU (yes, 2500) twice day for 2 months for restarting HPTA. He is a fertility/IVF doc who I think does not know enough in the area of TRT. I told him I want to kick start endogenous test production as this way ensures the best quality of sperm so he suggested that dose of hcg. My lady wants a 2nd baby and therefore, my quest for info on the subject.

    Actually, my very first TRT protocol was HCG monotherapy with 1000IU EOD, test levels came up to about 700 from 200 at baseline but because the endo did not prescribe me an AI, e2 was really high. So, I know that on 5000IU of HCG per day, estrogen is going to really high.

    For my current situation, fertility is the top priority and next one down is keeping the gains.

    Now, I am kind of stuck between 2 options:

    (1) stop TRT and the cycle completely to follow up with full pct then go back to TRT/Cycling after a pregnancy. My natty test levels were low at 200 pre TRT which could be due to not doing PCT at the end of my last cycle about 14 years ago. Is there any chance that after following a proper PCT, my endogenous test production will be better than pre TRT levels of 200.

    (2) stop the cycle and go back to TRT prescription of 200mg/wk test with 500iu HCG eod until pregnancy. There are some studies showing that this option might be the best compromise for maintaining fertility and staying on TRT prescription.

    Study by Coviello, A.D., et al., tittled “Low-dose human chorionic gonadotropin maintains intratesticular testosterone in normal men with testosterone-induced gonadotropin suppression” demonstrated in men with normal reproductive physiology receiving 200mg/wk of test e and 500iu eod of HCG showed an increase in intra-testicular testosterone which I think may help with spermatogenesis.

    Another study confirmed in TRT patients, intra-testicular testosterone can be maintained by combining 500iu of HCG eod along with Test. By adding HCG to Test for TRT therapy, there is no impact on the sperm parameters. Hsieh, T.C., et al., Concomitant intramuscular human chorionic gonadotropin preserves spermatogenesis in men undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. J Urol, 2013. 189(2): p. 647-50.

    Either option needs to be followed at least 3 months before trying for a baby as it takes about 3 months for the sperm to mature.

    Which option you fellas with knowledge on the subject think is the best choice for fertility? Any suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Note: I am on week 9 of the cycle. I have already stopped anavar as I had been on it for 8weeks. Test C has been tapered down to 200mg/wk since I started taking 1000iu eod which is going to increase test (and estrogen). I will increase HGH (generic) to 4iu/day once I cut the cycle.
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    Coviello studie has showed a minimum about of hcg in terms of spermatogenesis maintence.

    See the panoramic view in my thread about spermatogenesis recovery.That meta-analyses presented hCG at 3000ui three times a week is a restore dose.

    Dr.Scally dosage is 20.000ui in total in a very though case.

    If i were in your shoes i would take this medicines step by step.Start with the minimum effective dose like 1000ui ED.

    my 2 cents
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    I seriously do need some advice here. Would appreciate any inputs here!
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    If I were in your shoes,ie,Lady wants a baby righ now,so I would run test-e at 200mg every five days with 500ui of hcg eod.The hgh doesnt have notice about its utility.

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    Oh and some anastrozol.I usually ran exemestane at 10mg the equivalence could be 1/4 adex,guess.
    That and were horny all the saint day.
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    You have a fertility doc... I would discuss it with him rather than take the advice of Internet strangers.

    If it were me, I would do a complete pct per Dr. Scally and have bloods pulled in a few months after completing... Keeping the 'gains' would be pretty low on my list of priorities, frankly. If I were still having trouble, I would probably set up a paid consult with Scally or find a knowledgeable fertility doc that I was comfortable with.

    Best of luck.
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    300-500 hcg EOD or ED what ever you feel better at. FSH or HMG 75 IU 3x per week. This shoud have your swimmers back in a few months since you maintained testicular health on trt with hcg
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    Hi @Worf , do you know where I can get just the FSH from without a prescription? I know of a few good sources here for HMG but that is HCG+FSH. Since I have enough RX HCG in my stock, I would like to just get my hands on FSH only.
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    Without a prescription I dont know. Probably be a crap shoot from international sources.
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    You could always do Dave Palumbos fertility protocol. 2,000 iu HCG EOD, HMG EOD, 50mg clomid ED. Look it up on youtube it has helped thousands of people (including 2 of my homies) conceive children while on trt.
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    Hmg EOD —- good lord $$$$
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    If you have a doc that’s willing to help I’d listen.....

    I had to fend for my own...
    75Iu hmg m/w/f
    500IU hcg m/w/f
    150IU HCG on days inbetween
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    Also.... why some doctors would prescribe that much hcg would make me think he doesn’t know your on cycle — and thinks ur on trt

    Maybe- maybe not

    But if ya haven’t been completely honest, might be time to let the cat out the bag:) just my opinion:)
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