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Am I a cunt

  1. Yes

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  2. Mega Cunt

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  1. DonJuanSSJ4

    DonJuanSSJ4 Junior Member

    Will a mod please delete my account, sorry for being a cunt, please at least change my username to anything else. Thank you
  2. H Tee labz

    H Tee labz Member

    No mods. No deletion. You think I want to be here under this name? Well I do.
  3. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    Why even keep posting? Let your name fade away if you don't want to be know. You keep posting shit threads like this you'll never fade away.

    I remember you. You had your face in your first avi pic. Shit didn't go so well for you out of the gate, did it? Why keep a bad thing going? Smdh....
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  4. Catch_Dee

    Catch_Dee Member

    But yes your a cunt.
  5. Abandon the account and start a new one is about all that's going to work.

    That or tough it out as a known cunt.
    This place has it's fair share of shills, dick riders and assholes. So, you may just blend right in.
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  6. D-max

    D-max Member

    Just quit being a stupid fuck and start acting like a man and no one will care.
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  7. x11

    x11 Member


    Not so bad being a cunt anyways, think of all the stupid shit men do for cunt.
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  8. Dane17

    Dane17 Member

    How could you not vote mega cunt? I don't even know the guy but come on.
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  9. insaiyan93

    insaiyan93 Member

    If you have to ask, then you probably are.
  10. jacked44

    jacked44 Member

    I think OP is thinking about deleting a trail for LE to follow.
  11. x11

    x11 Member

    Well then he should have said DUMB cunt.
  12. H Tee labz

    H Tee labz Member

    I think is issue is he was dumb enough to use a name he uses elsewhere.
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  13. Aaah, okay. That could be a problem.
    Definitely abandon the account op and start fresh with a new handle. ;)
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  14. D-max

    D-max Member

    The laugh you get is worth the time to Google his name and see his avi pic on a different forum.
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  15. That cheesy goofball.
    No wonder he wants to 86 his identity here.
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  16. DonJuanSSJ4

    DonJuanSSJ4 Junior Member

    Yee :D
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