Plees Help Made A Mistake What To Do???

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by tizzle, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. tizzle

    tizzle Junior Member

    ok just help me out and then you can ban me.
    I just turned 17 2 weeks ago and got some sustan250.
    I am 5'6 115lbs. I started taking 375 only a week ago.
    I took it 3 times monday,thursday, saturday.
    I made a huge mistake and stoped. I have been taking armidex .25 ed since sunday.... WHat would you guys suggest???? is this nessacry since I only did it a week???
    should I run nolva? ???
  2. dennis

    dennis Member

    Tizzle..1st off I doubt you will be banned for asking for help.2nd off..yes you made a big mistake.
    I would not be overly concerned about what you have injected at this point.Just make sure you do not inject anymore.You do not need the adex.The sust will clear your system in about 3 weeks after last injection.Your natural levels will be temporarily disrupted some but should come back on line fairly quickly.nolva in 3 weeks might be a good thing..say 20 mgs every day for 3-4 weeks.Hopefully growth plates are not affected.Stay on board with us and learn how to eat and lift..that is all you need for now to grow.d
  3. tizzle

    tizzle Junior Member

    hey that what made me stop... I was bulking naturally for 3 weeks before I took it and gained 15pounds on my bench and gained 12 lbs!!!!!!!!

    so I said I dont need this shit.......!!!!!
    My question is I cant seem to stop gaining weight I know it sounds wierd but 12 lbs in 3 weeks!!!! The only thing that seems like its geeting bigger is my gut (lol) I am eating 300 calories over my maintance level... I was suprized that i was only eating 1800 calories so I uped it to 2100 and I am just getting huge... I started at 113 and now i am 125..... But I am junior in High School and 113 is light for a freshman. Maybey I was under nurished........
    from what I can tell from my caliper my Bf stayed the same but my abs I cant see (lol)

    any help would be APPRECIATED
    my diet is 40-40-20

    SUPER CLEAN I am a health freak

    I was anorexic once at a young age and I overcame that beaceuse I meet a body builder and I feel in love with the sport..... I have been 110 to 113 since I was in the 8th grade.........
  4. prodigy06

    prodigy06 Junior Member

    I wouldn't even worry about it. I sincerly doubt growth plates will be effected. Dennis's suggestion of nolva @ 20mg for 3 wks wouldn't hurt...
    And unless you know for sure otherwise your sust could even be fake. Ethier way it's not a big deal.
  5. HDH

    HDH Member

    Why are you using this screen name? It sure is funny that your e-mail on this one is Ice-T4444.

    We are not stupid, don't treat us like we are.

  6. Bigkarch

    Bigkarch Member

    not only that, but if anyone here gives aas advice to a minor, I will ban for life....and that includes ancillaries....
  7. dennis

    dennis Member

    BigKarch..If your post or threat was directed towards me I think you should retract it..Read my post again and see if I told a minor anything that would hurt him ! The reason I made a comment about his growth plates was to scare him a bit..then I tried encouraging him a bit by inviting him to stay on board with us and learn how to eat and train.If you still feel the need to ban me then do it.
  8. tizzle

    tizzle Junior Member

    dont ban him what did he do other then give a dumb ass kid some addvice and a lil comfort???? Ban my ass if any1 is gonna be!!!!!!!!
  9. dennis

    dennis Member

    Tizzle......You have no idea what it is like to train and diet like I am right now..I am very focused and very moody! I was trying to help you as I work with high school boys on a weekly basis here in my home town.Aparantly I am being threatened now by are playing games and have caused all this BS ! I have very short fuse right now and am in no mood to play.I think I have already tried to help you when you are ice tt or whatever your other handle is.Stick to being 1 person and stay on here only if you can act like an adult and ask intelligent questions.Furthermore if BigKarch wants to ban me for this than I really do not give a crap..I will go lift weights and continue in my quest for excellence instead of sitting at this keyboard.
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  10. HDH

    HDH Member

    Chill Dennis, nobody wants to ban you. We do not need under aged kids on this board asking about illegal aas usage. He shouldn't even be on this board.

    BigKarch put out a warning to everyone. Don't take it so personal ;)

  11. Ice-T4444

    Ice-T4444 Junior Member

    one let me help you get your story straight.....
    I am the older brother I am 21 and I take care of my little bro most the time b-cuz we only have our mom and she is working 2 jobs..... I got sust250 and started taking it a week ago. Same time my little bro found my stash and started juicing to...he is very enthused and wanted to be like his bro. I take the blame for this. He came on using the same email different name.....

    Guess you dont konw everything........
    Dennis thanks for the help. Hes kinda spooked about what would happen to him and he deff. wont make stupid ass choices any more... i dont think he is in much trouble only using it a week.
  12. Cory W.

    Cory W. Junior Member


  13. Bigkarch

    Bigkarch Member

    it was not directed towards you personally...and I WILL NOT retract my post...I say again if anyone here on this board gives any aas advice to a minor, including ancillaries will be banned...and you posted that you are being threatened by a did I threaten should not be giving ancilliary advice to a minor regardless if it does not harm him....

    if you do not like those rules then you are free to leave....I would like you to stay and think you are man enough to abide by those rules, but if not, good luck in your endeavors....
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  14. Bigkarch

    Bigkarch Member

    dont play us for are the same person..
  15. dennis

    dennis Member

    BIGK..I would like this to end after this post if possible.I felt you were threatening to ban me and I did take that personally.I would never give advice about gear to minors or ancillaries,you can look back at all my posts and see that.I always tell the young guys to hold off and encourage them to eat and train naturally.I thought this kid had already used and was honestly wanting to come off..without thinking I gave him some advice.I do like all the rules Meso has and love the board..guys that know me know that I am faithfull to meso and do not go anywhere else..other than bbc a few times.I will admit I have been on edge lately and am very agressive at the moment..I felt threatened and struck out..I do apologise for that.Why don't you turn me loose on icettt or tizzle and let me release some of my frustrations !:mad:
  16. Bigkarch

    Bigkarch Member

    we'd love for you to stick around...