Poker Bad beats !! Anyone play online poker ??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WhiteLedgen, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. WhiteLedgen

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    Been playing poker for many years now. And i never fucking learn that the same thing will happen again and again that i get sucked out.. I play at Pokerstars but will stop playing there now. And will probably never play online poker again because of suck outs and bad beats..

    Anyone here knows what i talk about ?? Please chime in and give me a shoulder to cry on :D

  2. boxer15

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    Yeah, I used to play online. Looked up different tequniques and methods but gave up. I actually gave up on card games altogether.
  3. conquistador

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    I played once for lock casino I think it was. I jumped into the 25 cent game and they cleaned me. Was thriving in the 5 cent game. I think the switch was too soon because of the size of my bankroll and the fact I was getting lazy in front of the computer. The switch really fucked me. :) Lesson 1, in fact this is the only lesson you ever need to know: Bet against stupid people with no skill. Never bet against your equal. God ...I really feel in a gambling mode.
  4. WhiteLedgen

    WhiteLedgen Member

    i am a tournament player and can sit 10 hr straight and play.. Have made many final tables and have some good winnings under my belt. But now days do guys suck me out hand after hand. Cash games or tournaments it does not matter. Guess its time for me to stop now. I am not a bad loser just had enough now and cant take it no more..
  5. conquistador

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    So you're a good player? You're wasting your time by quitting. I don't respect that at all. Take the money from the weak. It's yours for the taking. Tournament? Is that a joke? I laugh at the idea of a gambling game being played competitively... first prize, second prize....That is just fucking ridiculous. I sit on a table, I wanna clean everyone's pocket, that's it. I don't care if I become the new WSOP champion. There is way too much luck involved in poker to take it seriously as a game of "skill." Fucking 98% odds-on winner losing to a lucky draw on the river...:rolleyes:[:eek:)][}:)] You looking to prove you can "guess" better than the guy in front of you or you just wanna take his wallet? Hit the moronic tables and hit 'em now
  6. WhiteLedgen

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    I play it all from sit & goes to heads up and cash games. But now i just been losing it all what ever i playing. The action flops at pokerstars and suck outs at river makes me crazy,,.....
  7. sebas1231

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    Never really been a fan of the game but always would lose. So I get
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