Poll: In your PERSONAL EXPERIENCE does Deca/NPP heal OR masks injuries?

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In your experience using either NPP or Deca, does it heal injuries or only temporarily mask pain?

  1. Using Nandrolone I experienced pain relief but my injuries were just as bad or worse after stopping

  2. Using Nandrolone I experienced pain relief AND after stopping there was SOME healing of my injury

  3. Using Nandrolone I experienced pain relief AND after stopping my injury was completely healed

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  4. On Nandrolone I did not experience any pain relief and certainly experienced no healing of injuries

  5. I have used Nadrolone but am undecided if Nandrolone helps healing.

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  1. Dano1974

    Dano1974 Junior Member

    Hey guys,

    There seems to be a wide range of opinions in the body building, steroid community about wether Nandrolone (be it Deca or NPP) heals joints or only masks pain. Many ppl say it only covers up the pain of injuries only to reveal after you stop the nandrolone that the injury is still there or is even worse since you been training so hard yet with no pain indicator you been doing more damage. Others swear by it and say they have experienced injury and soft tissue healing from the use of Nandrolone. I myself am not sure what is the truth on the matter and don't claim to be any type of expert on the matter at all. Also, many like to point out this study or that study. Studies have their place and I dont want to diminish the importance of good scientific literature but i also realise sometimes things on the ground in real life are very difficult to prove.


    This post is not about theory or scientific literatre. I would like to find out WHAT YOU PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED when you used Deca or NPP, not what some study or the body builder down the road said. What happened for you if you have used Deca and how did it affect your injuries or joints after you stopped using it?

    Thanks your your replies guys :)

    NOTE: Please also comment on the statement below if you have an opinion:

    "I believe that Nadrolone masks pain but can also heal provided one lowers volume/intensity"

    I ask this because it is possible that Nandrolone does mask pain but also provide healing IF one does not pretend that their pain going away means they can train harder. Many people ramp up their training volume and intensity cause they are on cycle and seek to gain size and they have symptomatic pain relief. What if one was to use Nandrolone for healing alongside a TRT protocol and not ramp up the volume and intensity even while the pain relief was taking place, do you believe Nadrolone would facilitate healing in this situation? If so, leave comments.

    A little about me:
    I'm a 43yo with low T and have been on TRT since April 2017 after giving hcg monotherapy a good go for 5 months with sub par results. After some tweaks my TRT is going great and I feel much better, feel great actually except for ongoing joint issues I have had the last 2 years. I pretty much have my protocol dialed in or very close to it now but have slightly reduced my arimadex dosage due to leaning up, next labs should help me tweak further. My last blood tests had me at a total T of 35nmol/L (ref range 10-33) or 1010ng/dl. E2 was 75 pmol/L (ref range <150) or 20.4 pg/ml. This last result came back with a higher TT than my previous labs and it may be because of the new brand of HCG Im using or possibly just a higher result. I have lowish SHBG so my free T will definitely be high. If my next labs come back out of range I will adjust dosage accordingly to stay at the top of the range but not out of range, usually in in the 20's. My doc did not care, he is very understanding and said it was only 2 points out of range. We also keep an eye on heamatocrit and blood count, hemoglobin etc. The dosages I was using to get my TT and E2 as above was 30mg Test E, 250iu HCG and 0.2mg Arimadex three times a week SubQ. I have since lovered my adex to 0.15mg 3 x a week and kept everything else the same and shall do labs in about a month.

    I'm into healthy living, fitness and performance surfing. I do some HIIT when not surfing much and do a little resistance training 2-4 days a week depending on time I have and how much surfing I have been doing which impacts recovery. When I started TRT I began weight training (after over 20 years off!) and trained and ate hard and gained 6kg in about 10 weeks but about half muscle half fat and then weighed 86kg and I was already a little overweight, diet was off point. I have since started counting macros and leaned up significantly and lost 11kg and am now 75kg and starting to get in shape. I have kept the initial strength I gained and my fitness and performance in the surf is significantly improved yet I have a few more KG (3-4 more I reckon) to lose before I start changing my diet and training for some lean gains in muscle which would be nice.
  2. Skull

    Skull Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    @Dr JIM here we go again with this repeated question smfdh. Thought you might wana shake your head along with the rest of us who have seen this question asked a thousand an one times.....Their needs to be a stickie to answer this once an for all. Id bet if their was, guys would still create these threads right underneath the stickie lmfao
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  3. Inmate

    Inmate Member

    I could definitely say from experience that Nandrolone helped alleviate some discomfort I have in my right knee and whatever other aches I feel while training in other joints as well. But I can also say that the discomfort comes right back upon discontinuation of use. Over the summer I ran NPP in low doses alongside tren and Anadrol just for it's joint lubricating effects. It definitely has been good for masking achy joints, especially when my strength goes up and I'm lifting heavier. I just don't expect it to heal anything. I have read that it promotes collagen synthesis though. I couldn't tell you how true that is.
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  4. Dano1974

    Dano1974 Junior Member

    Thanks for your sharing your experience Inmate.

    Skull, I realize this has been asked before, not sure how many times but I have searched previous threads and have found alot of variance and controversy among what people say. I have also searched elsewhere apart from this forum and there also exists a wide range of opinions on the matter, seems to be no consensus and so I was hoping a poll may at least show what people have actually experienced as a %. Real life experience not back and forth arguing.... Funny you call on Dr Jim cause on one of the threads I searched on this forum about deca and healing I saw one particular guy who says for sure deca helped him heal and on the other side was Dr Jim appealing to the scientific literature and saying that deca does not heal according to the literature. Both this particular poster and "Dr" Jim were hurling insults at each and carrying on like school children other about who is right. It is pretty hard to understand what the truth is with that kind of banter and people on both sides think they are right. And there are people on both sides of this topic. You are correct, it has been discussed but there are people on both sides of the issue and who is to say who is right when people just argue about it. Precisely why this is a POLL about what people have actually EXPERIENCED and not about the scientific literature or a discussion that tends to get argumentative. If someone wants to post in the comments about the literature feel free but the intent of this post was to get a POLL on peoples experience. You don't have to participate if you feel it is a waste of time. Not sure if such a poll has been done before here on this forum but I could not find it. If such a poll exists please do link and inform me cause have not found such a poll, it may be there but I have not seen it. Thanks :)
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  5. Skull

    Skull Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    I have yet to see anyone with actual medical proof that Deca/Npp has healed tendons an ligaments. Youd have bette luck with HGH but Nandro atleast in my studies has not been medically proven to do so. Infact its always been quit the opposite stating that Nandro has a negative affect, although this is one topic id love to be proved wrong on.
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  6. Dano1974

    Dano1974 Junior Member

    Thanks for feedback Skull. Yeah I hear HGH can definitely help but it's too expensive. I cant afford it, same with GH secretagogue peptides, very expensive. I have heard good thinks about MK677 and I am not sure if it is a SARM or a peptide but alot of the sarms sellers here in Australia (who also sell MK677) are selling stuff that is far less than 99.9% purity. On the SARM selling websites they usually say every batch is tested for purity and word it in such a way that the consumer thinks its all done here in Australia but i asked one seller recently a few further questions and upon further questioning I find out his Chineese sarms are tested every batch just as he says with certificate to boot, its just that the certificate and testing is done in China by the company he gets his product from. That purity test and cert is not worth the paper it's written on, I wouldnt trust it. No doubt that there is some % of real sarms in the products they sell and i know that results are obtainable with these sarms but there is likely alot of toxic stuff as well unless their QC is up to scratch.
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  7. ScabbyJr

    ScabbyJr Member

    Me: 150mg of deca a week. Shoulder hurts less and elbows are pain free. Not expecting any healing. Still on it. Helps with appetite, strength and recovery. Not big amounts...small but noticeable.
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  8. bigboichoi

    bigboichoi Member

    Try it and see if it works for you lol. No need to complain about it.
  9. MFMC

    MFMC Member

    Same here--- 150 per week alleviates pain--- I use it in conjunction with lighter weights and therapy as well-- the routine has helped me get through several injuries---pain pills or deca?? I will go with deca.
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  10. Gbro

    Gbro Member

    A poll vs scientific literature. lmao

    New poll: Is the Earth spherical or flat?
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  11. Inmate

    Inmate Member

    I'm curious about tb500 or bpc157. Unfortunately, all the claims I'm coming across about how well it heals are coming from guys associated with a sponsor that is selling either or. I haven't dug too deep yet but it might be something you want to look into. It's definitely a cheaper alternative to hgh.
  12. Dano1974

    Dano1974 Junior Member

    I have heard of tb500. Had a friend use it, did nothing for his injury but hard to even say if the stuff he got was legit or bunk, so much of that stuff being sold is bunk. Not heard about bpc157, somethink to check out. I would consider it if it was available from a compounding clinic if not too expensive.
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  13. Dano1974

    Dano1974 Junior Member

    Actually, I had a look at a reputable peptide clinic i know that sells tb-5oo via prescription. Just logged into my account and had a look. 3000mcg/mL - 1 x 5mL vial costs $369.95 plus postage, certainly aint cheap, not that far off from hgh. Stuff my mate got was much cheaper but he got it from a sarms seller and id say it was bunk.

    I have not heard much talk about bpc157 and if people are getting results. Scientifically speaking nothing to confirm; BPC-157 - Scientific Review on Usage, Dosage, Side Effects
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  14. Dano1974

    Dano1974 Junior Member

    Thats interesting you say that cause most guys on deca get the pain go away and go even harder in the gym and then are at risk of making things worse apparently cause the lack of pain is not indicating the problem thats still there but they ramp it up. What you said sounds like a smarter approach and would make sense for a guy on TRT. Being on TRT would make my approach different IF (and it is an IF, meaning im considering it not at all set on it) I was to use a low dose NPP alongside my TRT. My guess is that for most guys if they are using deca, it's on a cycle and most guys on cycle are not going to shut their HPTA down to only use lighter weights and maintain their strength and size. Being on TRT your already shut down which changes how one approaches things. I figure those that use deca/npp in the way you mentioned would generally be on trt. Having said that, based off experience on the ground and the science (i consider both of value) i am doubtful of deca being useful to heal but has possible benefit to relieve pain which could be a double edged sword if one is not careful. The use of something that increases hgh sounds more promising, like mk677 if i knew where to get stuff that was not bunk and did not cost 400 bucks a month...
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  15. IronJulius

    IronJulius Steroidify Rep

    I got some tb500 from steroid fax that healed tendonitis I had for 9 months. I had ordered more from PPL but didn't need it and shipped to a friend who went back out of town before he got package but when I get his feedback I'll let yall know. It's cheaper from PPL even with higher shipping cost
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  16. MFMC

    MFMC Member

    I am on TRT-- been on it for years--- and yes the trick is to use it wisely along with therapy and lighter weights--- many people feel the pain go away and go all out and make the injury worse. I run deca one 10 ml bottle then take 6-8 weeks off and then do another 10 mil bottle-- and I only run 150 mg per week,,, I do run more if I do a cycle with deca but if not I cycle along with the 150 per week--- hope this helps.
  17. MFMC

    MFMC Member

    you trust PPL peptides? also-- steroid fax--international? I was thinking about adding a run of tb 500
  18. Demondosage

    Demondosage Member

    Deca helps build collagen if I'm not mistaken , so yea it works
  19. Dano1974

    Dano1974 Junior Member

    Yeah this is what I heard Dylan Gymelli say in his NPP video. He reckons there are studies that show nandrolone boosting collagen synthesis when run in tiny dosages of 50mg every three weeks! I am not aware of any such study so maybe he is talking out of his ass but people say it boosts collagen synthesis and also igf-1 which should also help with healing if that is true.

    It is entirely possible that because of the pain going away and people going all out with volume/intensity that the potential healing (if there is any) provided from nandrolone is undone by overdoing it.
  20. IronJulius

    IronJulius Steroidify Rep

    I ordered tb500 and ipam (which seems to be working) from PPL so yea i trust them well international. Yes SF is international but is 5x more expensive than PPL peptides. The other place with decent price is ganabol but I'm not sure on his email he had some issues and was not very nice last time I contacted him.

    Edit I would probably wait a week or so on PPL to make sure he is sticking around. I think he will be fine its not entirely his fuck up and he is making changes. His meso rep deserves a raise been handling the hell out that mess
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