possible gyno in pct

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  1. Reno

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    i was on 10 weeks, 250test enanthate and 400 primo / week.
    now i am on 3rd week pct.
    getting 50 clomid ed and 20 nolva. i will keep it one more week.
    but i feel my small lumps under nipple that go tender. should i introduce an A.I? or wait
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  3. bambam333

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    No need for the ai the nolva should handle the lumps. Take bloods and see where your e2 is then consider ai
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  4. Sworder

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    If you are in PCT yes it is recommended that you use an AI, remember estrogen is suppressive in high enough amounts. That will help your gyno and also your testosterone recovery. Nolva has a 5 day half life.

    Don't tank your e2, use it sparingly. Maybe once a week.