Possible low T leads to Autoimmune

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    Hey, guys here is my story, hopefully, it makes sense.
    38 now
    Worked out on and off from 12 years oldand stopped at 31
    Age 19
    tried sustanon 250 (4 amps 1 per week) did nothing to me
    tried cypionate 250 mg per week 4 weeks did nothing to me
    Age 20
    tried Sustanon 350 ugl. 7 weeks did nothing to me
    Age 22
    tried Winstrol tabs 10mg per day 2 weeks and that was the only time I felt strong and seen a difference

    Yes, I know now that 4 weeks of Test. wouldn't show much or feel much results, back then no info was available unless you knew someone personally and those guys were also just trying to rob you of your money...no different of today

    Age 30
    Full cycle 500 mg per week of Test. 500 mg per week of tren did this for 4 months and 99% no effectiveness i assumed i got bunk, did had about 2 weeks of that where i had crazy erections and 2 tren dreams

    Now for my health part
    when it comes to me looking back on all this i started realizing i really never had a boner in the mornings since i took my first steroid.
    at 27-30 my libido was at its highest and so was the strength, i also got my girlfriend pregnant at that time. some where at 30 my libido dropped for 2 months and couldent get an eriction and went into depression, this is where i took the "Full cycle"
    Yes, i did go to see a doctor and they was not intrested in hearing about it as they just thaught i wanted to go on steroids. (this is in TOronto by the way) yea so much for canadian doctors being the best.

    at 32 got kidney stones and gyno started
    at 34 got a bald spot in my head and the skin started falling off, doctors says it might be diabities as im boarder line, also more kidney stones
    at 35 the spot got bigger and my throat started swelling up when ever i ate certain foods, i was also drinking hot sauce like it was water and never cared or like hot sauce before that, moved back to my home land in the tropics and a few days later my skin broke out on my entire body to where i was 25% expose and 95% of my scalp was gone i was diagonose with Phemphigus Vulgaris, i was on 21 pills a day.
    I ended up doing a water fast with distilled water and i am 99% healed just from that 1 fast and doing ok now, still have gyno and slowely recovered libido. i went from 200lbs 20% BF to 150 lbs when this had all happen. i am back up to 185 now with id say 22-25% BF. and i am now seeing a doctor who says trt is the field he wants to be in and he sounds ok with knowledge from what i read. but hes using UGL products for his clients which i dont approve of

    so anyone with an issue close to this....i mean back in the day we all did things. i never used any thing else other than weed ever so oftin(like 2x a year, hardly drink either) but i did eat out for 12 years 80% of my meals
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    Adrian is my name ...you mean the Dr?
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    Yes. If what you say is true [UGL], he/she is dangerous.
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    well, he let me get more info on the guy, I'm currently going to business partner with the guy. as my educational background is personal training and nutrition. but he said this to me. Steroids milligram starts to add up on each other when taken at the half-life date. meanwhile all the trt videos I see or read all feel better when they take the meds half the time of the half-life. he also told me he sells without prescription and he gave a 300lbs man HGH and another tren, test, and other things because they wanted to buy to lose weight....now I know for a fact being in the industry that will not work for them and they will end up in more problems....so yes there are red flags popping up........but his name won't matter we are in a 3rd world country. and most doctors are really old school and won't even go down this Testoseroneroad with you here and pharmacies for the most part never even hear of the products or will tell you they cannot get it. so like this "Dr", he imports in his own. but UGL

    ...but yea I am going to meet with him a few more times before I make a solid conclusion as he is young, and like any trade, there are good and bad ones. maybe he's a Dr maybe he's just a guy selling
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    No bloodwork for T and E2 levels? Among everything else like CBC and CMP, lipids, fasting glucose... Do you have any labs at all to post?

    If you're pre-diabetic and eating out lots, you probably need to eliminate sugars and refined carbs (e.g. white flour) from your diet. If drinking soda pop, drop them cold turkey. Tough change for sure since sugar is so quietly addictive. You can eat healthy stuff in fast food joints but it'll take serious research and dedication.
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    I'm good with my diet now and sugar levels. I am finally getting my hormones tested soon. my sugar level on my HBA1C was 12 at one point and daily testing possible 2500+ (the machine only goes to 650), I was on 150 units of insulin a day, this was due to the meds I was taking for the Pemphigus Vulgaris. now the Water fast I did ended up helping majorly I am down to 1 pill a week from 21 a day. and my HBA1C I did a month ago was 5. I am eating mostly a veg/ vegan diet now but cant say im a vegan yet as when im hungry and im offered food well anything goes
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    So after all that u wanna jeapordize ur health with a doctor who orders drugs from a UGL
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    Very true but i dont have much options or no options at all where i live.