Possible lunar nerve damage, or?

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  1. Just last Sunday I had some throbbing and pain on the inside of my elbow close to the bicep end. Worked all week with it like this and noticed strength loss and pain as I used it. If I wasn’t using it, it wouldn’t throb. Worked through a couple workouts with it like this and it seemed to get better and wouldn’t hurt until close to the end of my workouts.

    Now the odd part. Took Friday, Saturday and today off and was in line for leg day tomorrow. So four days total off from serious strain. Went to put a new mailbox in at the house, used some post hole diggers, hit rock and boom. A burn and sting. It hurt worse than any day of last week and for a good 45 mins constant burn and throb to where I couldn’t diagnose whether it was my elbow or shoulder. After the pain subsided I can feel some stiffness in the area, as well as a small tendon that has some pain to touch.

    Anyone have a similar issue? Headed to the doc tomorrow to check it out.
  2. Just for reference. Looking at this it could be the median nerve.

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    I am guessing you mean ulnar nerve? If it is on the inside of your elbow it is most likely not the ulnar nerve. Your second post talks about the median nerve. This is more likely. Over-use is a common cause of these types of problems. Rest is best. Maybe some stretching to loosen up muscles surrounding the nerves. If your fingers go numb when stretching, do not “hold” the stretch. Come in and out of the stretch a few times.

    If it doesnt go away, PT may need to happen.
    Good luck!
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  4. i've had something similar. i couldn't tell if the pain was coming from the biceps or the deltoid. It was like a toothache in my arm.

    i had to drop the weight down on all lifts that aggregated it and within about 2 weeks it finally stopped and hasn't returned.
  5. Aggregated it? Really, MSG? This is why i tell you not to post while you're at work, but do you listen to me? Of course you don't. Dummy!

    Obviously OP, you know what i meant. It wouldn't hurt to have it checked out and if need be, take a little time off until it heals up.
  6. Thanks for the replies! Yeah man my phone will spell whatever it feels like sometimes. I’ve got some KT Tape on hand to try out after the Doc this morning. Hopefully it ain’t too bad and will go away in a couple weeks. Time to rip up legs lol.
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    The ulnar nerve is what hurts when you hit your funny bone. If that's what it feels like, then it's probably ulnar related.

    I've had this issue before and it was caused by squats. Hand placement + poor shoulder mobility.
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    A simple way to see if u have an ulnar nerve impingement is to hold affected arm parallel to the floor with the elbow bent 45°. Have someone tap repeatedly on the funny bone area. If your ring and pinky fingers tingle you have an ulnar nerve issue.
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    Sometimes this issue can be confused with tendinitis as some people may think they have tendinitis but actually have an issue with the ulnar nerve. A doc can confirm this.
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  10. Won’t be able to get in to the Doc until tomorrow but I will update this post then. I don’t believe it’s ulnar, but possibly median. I also am not ruling out Tendonitis. I work in the communication industry and climb towers so I know my elbows aren’t the best. I do know that whatever nerve it is I can feel it and when I touch it, it makes my anterior twitch.
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    Ouch...climbing towers with itchy twitchy arms is scary business and hopefully your doc will find what's ailing you and hopefully fix it.

    As for your nick did you injure both shoulders?
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  12. That’s what I’m saying luckily I have bucket truck work for a good amount of time. I’m hoping with some compression and Anti Inflam I can get back to lifting, no rush though. Who doesn’t need more work on their legs? Lol

    I actually only wrecked my right shoulder pretty bad a couple years back.
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    Ahh...sucks to have that happen to your shoulder. Hopefully you are able to rehab it enough to be able to lift.

    Good you have that bucket truck...hopefully you'll be able to get your arms all healed up so as not to interfere with your job or even training.
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  14. It’s not killing my occupation much as of now. Training isn’t horrible until near end of most upper body. Certain exercises I can’t do. My shoulder is at about 98% when it comes to health now. It’s just the darn tendon and/or nerve in my elbow that is getting me.
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    Hopefully the doc will help and give you good treatment options.
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  16. Golfers elbow. Medial tendon inflammation/ strain. Doc said not too much to worry about as he put me through PT to check in function. Said weight may trigger it so lower everything down and make sure form is dialed in. I got prednisone for a speedy heal.
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  17. Routine stretches through my training. So far so good through a back workout. Also start applying Vitamin E to the area and it seems to help son with mobility.
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    That’s quite a common elbow ailment so that is a good sign so you should be able to rehab it easily.
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  19. Yeah just pretty much stretched it in between sets and worked lower weight.