Possible tumor?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Spooby, May 9, 2018.

  1. Spooby

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    Was ready to start cycle this week but doc thinks I have a pituitary gland tumor, ordered a bunch of blood work, same as I'd be getting anyways for pre-cycle bloods...got that done this morning... kinda worried. Anyways I'll keep updated. May not be starting this cycle till later in the year :/
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    Hope everything goes well. Its definitely scary waiting on results. Ill keep you in my thoughts.
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    Thanks man, a lot of us on here are having problems lately, I have to join in on the misery eh? Haha

    I'm hoping bloods come in the mail by Saturday and I'll update the thread with them
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    Really sorry to hear you're having this trouble. Hope you've got an MRI scheduled as well as the labs.

    I know a fair amount about pituitary tumors both secreting and non-secreting ones. Don't want to be intrusive but would be happy to walk through what's going on and help if I can. Just let me know.

    Wish you the best of luck for a good outcome.
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  5. Spooby

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    Thanks guys.. from what I understand, if something is off with the bloodwork which is very likely the case, i'll be sent somewhere for that scan and probably surgery or some prescription.

    I'm very thankful for science and medical professionals
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  6. I don’t even know what that implies, but the word tumor alone scare me. You have my prayers brother.
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  7. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

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  8. Spooby

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    Gynecomstia on my right side began during last cycle about 2 years ago, had it operated on fairly recently, suddenly this explosive growth of gynecomastia on my LEFT side, I haven't touched AAS or anything whatsoever since my last cycle in early 2016. The gland grew out of nowhere over a period 3 months.

    Suddenly after surgery on my right side to remove the gland, the left began to grow. I'm lethargic, fatigued, I've been under a lot of stress in almost every aspect of my life the past few years anyhow, I use cannabis frequently, doc said the cannabis shouldnt be the issue, I told him everything about AAS usage. This is the one who operated on me. The first thing he asked me was what other substances am I using besides aromasin when I initially discovered the gland growth, I said nothing and he looked at me with this face and instantly said pituitary gland tumor and gave me a script with a bunch of shit to get checked including test, estradiol, prolactin, t3/t4, FSH/LH, etc... I should have those bloods in my hands tomorrow or Saturday hopefully


    On the bright side if it's a tumor I could have my next gyno surgery paid for instead of it being out of pocket and I can get this treated and be back on my feet soon. Whatever it is I just want it fixed
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  9. Fuck bro. Wish you all the best man. Please, keep us apprised. Stay positive manZ that is important too.
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  10. Spooby

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    It's all good. Whatever happens to me as long as I don't die should be able to be fixed with technology within the next couple of decades. No excuse to be reckless but it is an excuse to just calm down while I'm waiting to find out what's going on and what can be done...
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    Damn @Spooby that's way more than anyone should have to cope with. I hope you get some definitive answers and a treatment plan soon. Just waiting in the dark for information is really difficult.

    The more data your doctor(s) can gather about how your HTPA axis is functioning right now the better. I hope you'll be comfortable sharing more of your story as the lab and imaging results become available.

    Remember there is no excuse for any medical professional you encounter to be dismissive or insensitive. Don't be afraid to speak up or ask for a second opinion if necessary.

    I know it's not the same as IRL but there's a lot of support and concern for you here.

  12. Raven101

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    Keep us posted buddy, we are praying for you.
    Hopefully its not serious.
  13. Spooby

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    So my copy hasn't come in the mail yet but I just got off the phone with my surgeons nurse, I managed to get some numbers from them I wrote down, she was in a hurry but they're going to call me tomorrow.

    Estradiol - 31
    Free testosterone - 127.4
    Total test - 843

    prolactin - 27!! That's the culprit. I think she said the normal range is 2.0 to like 18?

    I'll have more info tomorrow... hopefully I don't have a tumor
  14. Spooby

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    Also I forgot to ask for the t3/t4 numbers again but my t3 was in range but very low, the nurse said he had it marked for review or something..
  15. msl3862

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    Hey @Spooby. Have been hoping for you to get results quickly. Thanks for the update and I'm glad information has started coming in.

    The results you have are important. An elevated prolactin level isn't a surprise IMO. A normal level would confuse me given your history. Am definitely interested to hear other results as they become available.

    I had a serious medical issue in the past that required lots of labs and imaging studies for an accurate diagnosis. I was fretting over every abnormal result. My doctor kindly reminded me (attempting to minimize my embarrassment under the circumstances) we didn't need any tests to know there was a problem. He ordered the tests to understand the problem. Every abnormal finding was a clue to solving the puzzle. Each represented progress. If the tests were all normal it would have been really hard to make a treatment plan.

    You may well already have that attitude. For me it was a big shift in viewpoint. The older I get though the more clearly I see I'm not the brightest blub in sooo many ways.

    How are you feeling physically? How's your mood?

    Still wishing you the best.
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  16. Sk8man101

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    Good luck man!

    If we find out everything’s good I’m gunna post a lot of Arnold kindergarten cop memes.
    I’ll just save them for when the time is right though.
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    Hahaha thanks guys... it's evident I do have a tumor, I understand what the surgery is about and everything... I do have my copy of the blood results, I'll take a pic and post after work, I gotta edit it and stuff. I'm amazed at my total/free testosterone levels, they're the highest they've ever been. Even with all the tren I used in the past, I guess the hcg and doing pct as I've learned to do from here really helped out!

    Fuckin love you guys.

    I'll be back on here later. I'm exhausted man, I got the news about all this yesterday, thought about it for awhile, then hit up some old hoes and grabbed beer and had a good night. Got like 4 hours of sleep though... that mixed with low t3 ain't helping me today lol I'm dragging ass right now hahaha
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    Well at least your coping with healthy habits bro! Haha

    Sorry to hear that man.
    Things could be worse though!

    Do you know if the tumor is cancerous or not?
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    Well, all things considered it appears to be benign. It's just causing mental issues like moodiness and sometimes I'm a little weak on erections but that's only due to lowered sex drive. Some days I'm raging horny so I keep cialis on hand, even with the lowered sex drive the cialis is enough to compensate, and then depending on how good the pussy is I do pretty damn well once I get started. So... I think getting some cabergoline in me on a regular basis until the surgery should help me a lot. I remember how much it helped me on my first tren run, I think I've had this tumor even that far back, the caber made a world of difference on how good I felt compares to the tren run I did after that, without the caber. The consensus is that you don't need caber with tren, so I didn't use it the second time but how could I have known I have a tumor back then? So... yeah man, I think I'll be just fine. Stabilize my mood for now, I got my hands on kpin, I gotta see a PCP and get the ball rolling, see what my insurance covers with tumors and stuff, see what documentation they require and go from there. I guess I'll be a new man once this is all fixed up cause from what I understand, what's been my normal every-day feeling isn't normal, and I'll have a ton more energy and focus and be much better off mentally once this is fixed. I'm hoping to do it all before fall semester starts but that's unlikely.. who knows, I'll find out soon enough
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