possible wrong powder?

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    Hello! Anyone with experience in nandrolones would know if the mandrolone decanoate is so difficult to be diluted? .. I made a basic recipe of 10 g 2.5 ba 7.50 BB and 32.5 grape oil, the case is never finished mixing well, at the temperature of the deca, it was very gritty and turbid, I had to add 2 ml more of BB and I had to take it to 200 gf to dissolve it, could it be powder be phenylpropionate instead of decaonate? because I understand that its melting point is higher!
  2. PPL recently sent out Trest raws to someone that bought Test raws, so it's not like this kinda thing never happens.

    @LordSamuilo you know your shit when it comes to this. Can you be of any assistance?
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    Well yes it has happened! I just contacted the seller and they sent me nandrolone base! I have not found a single recipe in the whole web, do you know how this is prepared?
  4. Well, at least we know now. Personally, no, i can be of no help with brewing. But leme tag a couple fellas that may have experience with this compound.

    Paging @ickyrica & @XKawN you're needed in surgery. :D
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    I would really appreciate it if you do this for me! At least I have if I can save something from the product or at least be able to dissolve completely and I was sta IMG_20180410_090350.jpg ble!
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    It wont hold without guaiacol... never made it myself , but ive only ever seen it made at 50mg/ml tops so its probably one of the less soluble bases ...

    I would have been cool with the test trest mix up , G2 made out like bandit on that one lmao ! Nandro base ahhhh not so much , id rather just have the deca lol ...
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    the problem that I made the recipe thinking that it was nandrolone decanate and after seeing that it was not diluted or 200gf I asked the seller and he told me that what was sent to me is base, I mean my question is ... I'm on time to save some compound or directly to garbage? I put a picture for you to see! IMG_20180410_090350.jpg
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    Base is a new one for me. Will be researching it shortly.
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