Post cycle acne issues

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    Hey guys, so here's how it goes. Always had acne when I was younger up to my late teens. All facial acne, nowhere else on my body. Went away in my early 20's completely. Never had an issue again, until now... I started my first steroid cycle a few years ago, barely any sides. A tad bit of acne, but nothing bad. 2nd cycle, it got worse but still not bad and then after 3rd cycle that's when it really started getting worse and it's just gotten worse since then. What's weird is my facial acne isn't bad but I get it horrible on the back of my head and neck and all over my back and I've never had acne in those spots before. It's also giving me bald spots on the back of my head where the acne is. I've recently gotten otc creams, face washes and body washes, guess I'll see how that works. Anyone with a similar experience on post cycle acne and the bald spots too?