Post Cycle Labs - No AI's, No PCT

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    Just for reference purposes...everyone's different.

    Lab Info
    Age: early 40's
    Compounds Used: Test E, Deca, Mast E, hcg (250-500iu 2 x week)
    Dosages: Never above 600mg for any single compound
    Last Injection: Late July
    No AI
    No pct

    I was planning to talk to my GP about TRT, but with Test Levels at 615, I doubt that's the very least, I'll see if he'll write me a blood dumping script to get my Hemoglobin down. If you have questions, fire away.

    Any thoughts on my "Eos (Absolute)" being high? I haven't been sick or anything, not sure what would cause that to be high...or if that's something I should even worry about.


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    Labs look solid, I say.
    TRT at 615..get out of here. lol
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    What were doses and durations?
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    20 weeks
    Peaked at 600 test and deca/mast for at least 8-10 weeks.
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    Crazy he could either have cancer, AIDS or dry skin with some breathing issues.
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