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  1. Riz

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    Hey fellas,

    I finished a 10 week Test and tren cycle 4 months ago.

    I had bloods done and everything is good, but my Iron was pretty high. The walk-in doctor was quite concerned.

    Will my iron levels return to normal with time?
  2. For the record I am not a doctor. Take what I say with a grain of salt.

    I think the main concern of having high iron would be something to do with cancer and or liver damnage. Do you have any pre cycle bloods to go off? What about RBC/hemacrit.

    Technically If nothing is wrong and it just happened from the drugs yes it will most likely go down. How high exactly is it? I’ve had a doctor freak out and tell me I had a tumor on my pituitary because my prolactin was 4 points out of range....
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    how high is it? post labs
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    its not skyhigh. do you have any symptoms? if not and feeling ok i wouldnt bother. this depends on nutrition too. just relax wait and recheck after 20 days. also consult your doc
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  6. Riz

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    Thanks for the response. No symptoms that I'm aware of. I had an appointment schedule to donate some blood in two weeks. I'll retest a couple weeks after that.
  7. Honestly looks fine to me. You take any multi vitamin supplements or anything extra like that? Everything even electrolytes are pretty healthy. You’re only out of range a few points... I wouldn’t worry.
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    Hi, are you eating lots of red meat? When eating very much red meat this could cause an elevated iron level.
    Could be also a genetical thing - i have a few customers which have elevated iron levels since their childhood (but no further issues). Most likely caused by an anomaly in their intestines. I would check it again a few times...