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    Had a question really hoping someone can help me out. On Monday injected 2 cc of test in my left quad. As I was injecting it I could kind of feel it lumping up. On Tuesday, there was a medium sized lump I would say about half a golf ball and the area around it is red. It hurts walking but I can bend my leg and bring my knee to my chest. It has pretty much stayed the same since Tuesday it hasn’t gotten worse and it hasn’t gotten better. I am really hoping it is not an abscess or infection. I would have thought if it was it would have gotten worse over the past couple of days.

    It is mainly painful moving and when I touch it, it hurts but not more than it does regularly. Massaging it and soaking it in warm bath has helped some but not a ton. It has pretty much just stayed the same over the last 4 days. I have worse pip in terms of pain before but never a lump. I injected 2 cc’s in my shoulder from the same source and it was more painful for 4 days but didn’t lump either. I used a 25g 5/8’’ needle and sterilized everything.

    Will it resolve on its own if I give it more time? Or what should I do to make it better?

    I would really rather not have to take antibiotics because I have Crohn’s disease and they make it flare up a lot.

    Thanks for helping. If you need any more info just let me know
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    I had a similar experience and I’ve done my share of cycles and simply put I have poor reactions to anything 300mg/ml or higher for when taking Test. I usually avoid TestProp as well for the amount of PIP it delivers.

    At the end everyone is going to react differently to different compounds, carrier oil, concentration and even sometimes although a source may be competent enough to compound correctly, the Raws themselves they sourced from may be a cause of PIP as well.

    As long as you were sanitary/sterile in all aspects of injecting give it sometime and the swelling will go down. The lump might also of been caused from some degree of crystallization in the muscle itself as well as a reaction.
    If you develop a fever and the redness continues to get worse, the advise on this board will not help, we sometimes search for answers on here when in fact you have to simply go the doctor and get yourself checked out.

    What ester and at what concentration?
    Who was the source?
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    Thanks a lot for your response. Much appreciated. It was Test C 250 mg/ml. The source is on here and pretty well respected. I have used them in the past and had some redness and pain but never a lump.

    The redness has pretty much stayed the same and I have not had a fever. Do you know any ways to make the lump go down or go away? I think that is what is causing most of the pain.

    Do you think some of the oil may have leaked into subq?

    I would have thought if it was an infection or abscess it would be getting worse.

    Thanks again your response and help
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    If your injecting 2cc I’m guessing your running 500mg a week with a single shot? I would maybe split your dose, although yes Cyp is a longer ester like Enth. Maybe the volume could have effected you.
    I’ve been able to pump over 2CC usually in quads and Glutes but like mentioned before everyone is different.

    Also using 5/8 pin for quads usually isn’t standard practice unless your incredible low in BF% but you should at least use 1inch, so yea you may have leaked a small amount subq.

    The swelling just takes time, you can try different warm/cold compresses and ibuprofen for swelling but ultimately it’s just time that will bring down the swelling.
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    Ok thanks. The whole thing isn't really swollen there's just a lump the size of about half a golf ball. Is it still just warm compresses and time to get it better?

    I'm assuming if it were infected or an abscess it would be getting a lot worse?
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    I've had injections go bad and got lumps, knots, and extended pain from 3 days to 2 weeks. All of mine resolved on their own.

    Because I've never got an infection, I don't know the exact sign. But redness and heat is not a guarantee you have infection because many of my bad injections caused that. I've read when you have a infection, the area is soft and spongy. But we need someone who has had an infection post.
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    Thanks a lot for responding. Yeah mine the lump goes down when I press on it but it is not that painful when I press on it. It is pink not red. I would have thought if it were an infection it would hurt a lot to press on it and I would have thought it would be getting worse over time. I am hoping some just leaked subq.

    Thanks for your advice and expertise
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    Sounds like you ended up SubQ, especially with a 5/8 pin. Keep an eye on it.
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    @Btcowboy Thanks for your reply. What would I do to try to get the lump to go away if it is subq? Just hot bath massage and time?

    I have always used 5/8'' pin for the last 3 years. I have never had this problem before. I do delts and quads. Do you think it would be better to use a 1'' needle?

    Do you know if it subq if it is more likely to become infected or an abscess?
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    Honestly, subq is my best guess, without actually seeing it. Your body will absorb it eventually, heat and massage should help. I also pin delts and quads but I use a 1" pin.
    I believe someone here had gotten cellulitis from pinning subq, I dont remember who one i would tag them
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    @Btcowboy Thanks for the advice. I will continue the heat and massage. I didn't mean to inject it subq I may have just put the needle at a weird angle by mistake. It was having trouble going in so I probably put it a little bit sideways instead of straight in.

    It is not bright red like cellulitis and it has been getting better so I will continue to monitor it.
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    Another paranoid 1st time user, oh, perhaps 2nd cycle...
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    Not first time but I guess I am being paranoid lol. I just really didn't want to have an infection because I am on immune suppressants for an autoimmune disease so it would be pretty bad to get an infection. I was trying to be cautious but thanks for reminding me that I came across as being kind of a pussy.
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    These types of threads are the most common ones here on Meso.

    What's ironic is that it is the BA that is hurting you and that's exactly what is keeping bacteria from growing. It is second time right?:)
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    @Sworder No been using for 3 years. I have had PIP many times before but never a lump. I understand what you're saying. I honestly actually read through the previous threads in the search. It was just hard for me to figure out because it was pretty much staying the same whereas I thought an infection would be getting worse and PIP in the past has gotten better for me in 3-4 days and never been a lump. Anyways thanks for the advice and I apologize if the thread was annoying to you and other members.
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    Ah you are being too kind. It's part of your learning.

    BA is benzyl alcohol, ever had IPA alcohol on an open wound? BA is much more volatile. That should help you visualize your pain.

    An infection wouldn't create such a strong chemical inflammation. It wouldn't swell the same as PIP either.

    Just imagine a bunch of pus growing under your skin, it would be a mushy "lump."
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    @Sworder Ok thanks that makes sense. The reason why I was asking is because right now I have a lump about the size of half a golf ball. It just hasn't gotten any worse so it made me think it was not an infection. When I press on it it goes down but doesn't really hurt that much. I'll just wait and see I guess. Thanks for the lesson!
  18. Time will heal it. In the meantime, don't go throwing more oil into it, and if you're thinking of changing needle sizes, try a half inch, i find them to be perfect in most cases.

    Thanks for the mental image, buddy. :D
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    Thanks for your reply. I will definitely take your advice! It has gotten better since yesterday so I will just give it some more time.

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    Not that anyone really cares but for those who have a similar experience my leg is completely normal now and the lump is pretty much gone. Massage and heat helped the most. Thanks @Noah86 @MisterSuperGod @Tiredandhot @Btcowboy for the advice and reminding me to grow some balls!