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Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by NovaFlex, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. NovaFlex

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    made a huge batch of Test 2 years ago and had a lot of powder left.. Just went to make some more, since I’m running out now, and it gelled up... do I just heat it in a beaker, or what?
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  2. ickyrica

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    Test e right? It'll melt down fine. Brew as normal
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  3. Jwole33

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    Yep, it will melt down just fine. I had a similar situation last year, I put it in the fridge for a few hours to get the gel to harden up and not stick to the bag it was in.
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  4. NovaFlex

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    Good call on the fridge!
  5. eje1990

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    Yeah I'd be careful with that. Room temp to fridge might bring moisture.
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  6. Iron Vett

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    Personally I just cut off a corner and lay the baggie on a table with the cut corner hanging off and place a beaker under the cut corner. Then take a credit card and squeegee the liquid out of the bag into the beaker.
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  7. TideGear

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    I had some sus 250 raws turn to gel and they also turned black. I tossed them
  8. Tom

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    Normally, the powder is with shelf life of 3 years with good store condition. For example, cool and dry temperature and seal bags or vacuum package. If possible, according to your saying, it was melt and should be not good after 2 years. Try to brew it a little and see if the oil is with darker color(contaminated or overdued). If yes, it is better to use some new. Anyway, testo e is cheaper and it is not worthy to risk on.

    If the testo e is from us(picture of label or communication copy), let's get you some new.
  9. ickyrica

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    What the fuck are you doing outside of your thread? Do it again and I will spend countless hours discrediting and harassing you. I'll start with this little gem of a post. Fuck around and leave your source thread again and I'll consider it a challenge. Try me, pussy.
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  10. enceladu

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    You all are wrong, sorry. If it's really test E he's talking about and it's gelled instead of just hardened due to temperature difference then degradation occured. With test E particularly, degradation makes it much more painful.
  11. ickyrica

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    I have test e that turned into a gel that is painless. Conversely, I have a pile of test e that never hardened or turned into a gel that has some bite to it.

    Please, where is the info that brings you to this conclusion? Because I have multiple brews that contradict your statement.
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  12. NovaFlex

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    It’s kind of funny because the Raws are from their company.

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  13. ickyrica

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    That's funny!