Power Caulking Gun

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by AnTabolic73, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. AnTabolic73

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    Anyone ever try to syringe filter with a power caulking gun? This one has adjustable speed. In my mind it seems like an unnecessary luxury. Just wondering ig any hombrewers tried it. It's $40 at home depot.

  2. LordSamuilo

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    Id be worried about that rupturing the membrane because even though you can control the speed you cant control the p.s.i.

    But it'd be interesting to see if you could make it work . Fuck for 40$ its cheap enough to experiment with though .

    Personally im to lazy though I dont care if im only making 50ml im vacuum filtering that shit lol.
  3. AnTabolic73

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    I might give it a shot, I have the batteries already cuz I have a few ryobi power tools around the house.

    If it doesn't work, I guess I can still use it for, you know, actual caulking.
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  4. fodsod

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    You must have a lot of caulking that needs done. You could use it as a lube dispenser. Next time you and your lady get going pull it out and drench that shit on full auto. :)
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  5. Fuck that....If it doesn't work or you do not like it, take it back. Home Depot has a guaranteed return policy. I bought a $500 framing nailer there, used it to frame my new addition and took that shit back when I was finished. They will except anything back just like Walmart does.
  6. AnTabolic73

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    That's true. Them guys are trying to keep up with amazon.
  7. macabremitch

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    lmao did the same shit with a power washer. bought a $700 washer and cleaned my house, fence, deck, garage and cars. returned the shit the next day. no need to even rent one and waste $60 bucks or pay a company. all in a days work :p
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  8. balco

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    I would do the same thing until one day I tried to return something and they refused after my ID number was entered. I guess they have some sort of limit.
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  9. jm416

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    I use that exact same caulking gun every day at work lol. I've even thought about using it for filtering but it would definitely blow out the filter.
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  10. master.on

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    It ain't that hard to make a weight syringe pusher.

    Just bolt a tile cutter to a garage or basement wall, placed upright

    the slide guides allow for smooth downward movement.