Power Lifting Coach Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by Wendylifts, Jun 25, 2016.

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    so I believe it was @Masters Power who planted the powerlifting seed in my brain and, well, it's still there. I talked to some folks at my gym and the names Josh Bryant and Matt Wenning (wening?) have come up. I know very little about powerlifting but I'm reading more and more about it. I believe the investment in a coach is justified because i KNOW my form needs help and probably weak spots that need strengthening. I have no confidence that I will be able to spot and correct these deficiencies myself. Anyone come to mind for a middle aged female with zero experience in the sport? :)
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    Josh is solid. Not sure where you are located but finding someone local to at least help get you started has a lot of value in that immediate feedback and correction is the best way to go. Video's are good but you have to wait until your next session and even then it is based upon written or verbal feedback whereas in person a good coach can physically help move you into the proper starting position.

    Shoot me a pm with the general area where you live and hopefully I know someone close by.
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    I'm just finishing my second week with my coach. He already has me making adjustments to my form I can tell are going to be very beneficial. I'm already fairly advanced though, so him reviewing vids, giving me feedback and giving me a program to follow is enough.

    I agree with @Masters Power about a local coach since you're new to powerlifting. If you can't find one you could go a long way starting a log and getting advice on here. Have someone you trust review videos for form. With form dialed in you could realistically make gains on cookie cutter routines for a year or two and then find someone online to work with at that point if you want.
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    Look for actual powerlifting gyms in your area. Most have at least one coach there if not more.
    If theres one a little far away it may be worth it to talk to them and just drive out every once in awhile. They can check form on the spot and give you programming.
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    RP Strength is awesome if you want to do the online route.

    Marisa Inda is similar to your stats and she's setting records using their coaching. Not to mention she has one of the best bods ever. She claims natty and I don't believe it for one second but either way she's super strong for a shorty at 112 lbs and 40 years old. She's a huge inspiration to me.

    Powerlifting is going to require a different and more complex nutrition program too and RP is the best in the business in training and nutrition. I have both their books PDF if you want me to PM them to you.
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    Thanks @Happycamper! I love Marisa Inda. Katie Anne too. Yes please PM me. Thanks!

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    Hi @Wendylifts. I'm super new here and was reading from the oldest posts, and working my way to the newest ones (to learn from other's q's). I don't know much yet about steroids, but I do know powerlifting! Haha. Did you find a coach?? Are you powerlifting?? (I hope so!)
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    Check out the main powerlifting thread. Chances are it will answer questions you never even asked
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  9. Not gonna lie, your body fat in your Avi looks dangerously low for a woman.
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    Thanks @jaymaximus. I plan to. There's just so much to read, I figured I'd start here and then head over there after reading what I could here.
    Also, after more reading last night, I saw that even this question I had for Wendy was pretty much answered in a newer old thread :p. Which btw, that's awesome. Congrats on your numbers/success thus far!
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    Danger is my middle name. Actually it’s Margaret but I like Danger better.
  12. You're funny Haha!
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    It’s the lack of fat. Makes me light headed.
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    Have you looked into Kabuki strength at all? They may be worth a look.
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