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  1. Does anyone know who might still be holding onto one of the discontinued 130lb expansion kits for the power block elite dumbbells? Or maybe someone in here might be will to sell theirs :)
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  2. MindlessWork

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    Have you looked in eBay?
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  3. Yep. I've pretty much given up finding the expansion pack. I'm a machinist therefore I'll just measure it out and make my own it'll be made out of stainless steel instead of cold rolled steel like powerblock uses.
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  4. Logan44551

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    How do you like the power block dumbbells? Was looking at the 90's. Are they awkward?
  5. Man I'm sorry I forgot my password..... again.
    I really like the powerblocks, I've had the bowflex selecttechs but the power blocks are way more durable and practical since they are 2 miles long like the bowflex adjustables
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  6. Sp2.0

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    Definitely can't drop the select techs. I've had to repair mine a couple times.
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  7. *Since they aren't 2 miles long
  8. MindlessWork

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    I have the Bowflex Selecttech 552's which are 52.5lbs each and yes they are fragile. Bought these for $350 at a private sale...chipped one of the end plates already.

    These things are pretty big too, like 18" long and are as big as the 90's at the gym.
  9. Sp2.0

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    Its a pretty easy fix to replace the plates.
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  10. MindlessWork

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    Figured they'd be easy to replace if needed. Going to find a replacement plate as damaged the end one on one of the dumbbells.
  11. flenser

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    I see the Stage 1 and 3 on offerup.com, but not the one you're looking for. Might be worth watching, though.
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