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    Anyone one own these adjustable dumbbells? I'm interested in picking up a pair. They adjust from 5 to 90lbs. They also have an expansion kit that makes them go up to 125, which is good enough for what I'll use them for.


    Only issue I can see is the awkward shape. Comes with a lifetime warranty, obviously not meant to be dropped or thrown around.

    My old gym had a pair, I tried them out they're not so bad. But they're expensive. I have olympic adjustable dumbbells, main problem is not being able to lay them on quads to kick them up because they're not flat, and changing weights gets tedious. Also, putting 25lb plates on them make them really big and messes with the range of motion on certain lifts. Not to mention they're longer, too. I tend to just do more barbell work instead.

    I miss using dumbbells though.

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    I showed my wife this video and she couldn't stop laughing. She said it looks like he's lifting 2 tool boxes.
    These are the commercial version, they go up to 175lbs.

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  3. ickyrica

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    I have them up to 90 and love them. It's perfect for the house.

    And I think they are collecting dust in my kids room...
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    Yea I only work out at home. I think they'd really complete the gym and give me a lot more options.

    Do you find them difficult to use for certain exercises?
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    I have them up to 125. They are great. And you get used to the shape and it becomes a non issue for the most part. They can also be dropped when benching etc like normal prostyle. Obviously they can't be thrown like rubber dumbbells can but they are perfect for bodybuilding purposes.

    Now the issues I have with them are:

    having to change the handle when going above 90. I could fix this by using a dremmel and cutting the slots for 0-90 into it. This is a minor annoyance though.

    You can do double armed over head extension or pullovers or goblet squats with them due to the shape. You can do squats with them though holding one in each hand. Same with tricep extension, can be done single arm.

    Other than that, they are the best investment I made outside of my power rack and bench for my home gym.
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    So you have no problems lifting them with the outer bars?
  7. showstoppa

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    No problems. Sometimes they are a pain in the ass to put back on the platform if say using 110 and you have the 125 still sitting and you have to place them back in the slot. But other than that they are great.

    I will eventually still get the rogue Ohio db15 handles for certain thingsbbut I have had the powerblocks for 3 years now and use them 2-3 times a week and they have held up great and I love them.
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    Oh other thing is, at 90+ pounds they are really long. Teaches you to be more in control.
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  9. Ironlord

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    I own the adjustables at home from Ironmaster... 5-120lbs per side... And they don't look so ridiculous.. They look like db's. Quick change too, so they were a good deal if a bit pricey .. I think $700 for the set
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    I considered those actually. I'm going with powerblock for the ease of change and how it stays connected. Ironmaster dumbbells are definitely quality. And I really really considered them.
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  11. showstoppa

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    Ironmasters are the only other ones worth a damn. But having used both, I actually prefer the powerblocks. Especially now that I am used to the hand being enclosed.
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    Yea the ironmasters actually have a lot going for them. The shape mainly. But adjusting weight hands down has to go to the power blocks, as well as the small footprint.
  13. AnTabolic73

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    Pulled the trigger. The quality of these things are immediatly apparent. They look like they'll last a lifetime(comes with a lifetime warranty), and they feel great.

    That's the 50lb dumbbells and the 70to90 expansion set. I'm still waiting on delivery of the 50to70 set.

    I'll be buying the 90to125 expansion kit asap.
  14. showstoppa

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    You are going to love them.
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  15. cdusgk91

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    I love my powerblocks! I have the 90’s as well. They’re expensive if bought brand new but I snagged my entire home gym from a guy on Craigslist who had it in his garage and never used any of it
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