Powerlifting meet and weight loss.

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Should i run ECA/EC stack on my 2 weeks of?

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  1. Said Sakas

    Said Sakas Junior Member

    Hello, Im an 19 years old guy , 208lbs 5'7 powerlifter ( been training for 3 years and started powerlifting 6 months ago )
    i have reached 5 plates on deadlift and squat , 3 plates on bench and im starting a clen cycle in 2 weeks.
    my cycle would be 2 weeks on 2 weeks off as the meet will be in 2th and 3rd of April.
    Its my first cycle and i have 40mcg of Clen.
    Day 1: 40mcg.
    Day 2: 40mcg.
    Day 3: 60mcg.
    Day 4: 60mcg.
    Day 5: 80mcg.
    Day 6: 80mcg.
    Day 7: 100mcg.
    Day 8: 100mcg.
    Day 9: 120mcg.
    Day 10: 120mcg.
    Day 11: 100mcg
    Day 12: 80mcg.
    Day 13: 60mcg.
    Day 14: 40mcg.
    Day 1-14 : 5gr Taurine and 400mg potassium

    And i have been told to use an ECA Stack during my 2 weeks off, i already have 200mg caffeine caps and BULK DMAA powder.
    I really dont know if i should run an ECA Stack or not as i will be running on a 500 calorie defict while on clen and off clen.
    If not i would like if some of you would suggest me a good subsitution for ECA, maybe EC or DMAA and Caffeine..
    My diet is in check and my training routine is Wendler 5/3/1 4 times a week.
    Sunday : Squat.
    Monday : Bench.
    Tuesday : Yoga ( for stretches and sometimes i do Pilates instead )
    Wednesday : Deadlift.
    Thursday : Military presses.
    Friday : Massage session ( sometimes physical therapy session ).
    Saturday : off.

    Supplements : Whey protein , MP combat before bed , Animal pak , Animal flex , Omega 3 , Creatine mono.

    Another question : will creatine and clen work together or i should take a break from creatine?

    Please do not suggest anything hormonal : Anavar , test , winny .......
    Im still 19 and i barely agreed to use Clen.
    Thanks in Advance , any tips and advices would be appreciated.
  2. Docd187123

    Docd187123 Member

    What weight class are you planning on competing in?

    I would not suggest clen leading up to a meet at all!! The risk of cramping is far too great and can seriously put a damper on your performance. When I tried clen, granted it was a higher dose than yours, I could not even do a body weight squat without the bar. I could not walk up or down stairs, everytime I drank water I would pee it out minutes later. There are much easier and better ways to drop weight before a meet but that depends on how much you need to drop.
  3. Said Sakas

    Said Sakas Junior Member

    I think i can deal with the cramping with taurine and potassium , i would stop using it before 2 week brfore the meet . I want to drop to 190lbs ? Any other suggestions?
    Last summer i managed to cut really well but still i lost muscle its really hard to save power and muscles without drugs.
  4. Docd187123

    Docd187123 Member

    It's not hard to save muscle while dieting you just have to do it right. When is your meet?
  5. Said Sakas

    Said Sakas Junior Member

    To be honest nothing is official , sometimes they say april sometimes june so...
  6. Docd187123

    Docd187123 Member

    That's plenty of time to cut 18lbs without the clen and to be perfectly honest, the clen won't do much at all anyway. If you maintain a slight calorie deficit, keep protein intake high, drop your dietary fat, and keep carbs as high as possible you'll drop weight while minimizing the impact on your performance. I was able to drop from 210ish to 196 in a week or so then carb up to 213 24hrs later.

    I'd cut down to about 195 then the week before the meet cut down to make weight by minimizing water intake and carbs. You'll see a slight performance drop but that's bc of depleted glycogen. Soon as you carb up after weigh ins you'll get it all back
  7. Said Sakas

    Said Sakas Junior Member

    Thanks alot man , this is the first time i hear this tips as im going all alone..
    I already bought my 100 clen tabs ill start using them if they werent that good or had some bad side effects i would stop and would you please answer my question about the EC Stack.
  8. Docd187123

    Docd187123 Member

    I'd rather use ECA than clen personally.