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  1. Test_Subject

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    I'm looking to get more into powerlifting and less into bodybuilding.

    I put together a program and I thought that I'd post it here to see if anyone sees any glaring holes in my plan.

    OHP Day

    OHP 531 rep scheme with joker sets
    Bench 5 x 4
    Close Grip Bench 5 x 8
    Side Raises 10 x 3
    Tricep Pulldowns 10 x 3
    Facepulls 10 x 3

    DL Day

    Deadlifts MagOrt rep scheme
    Deficit Deads 8 x 3
    Front Squat 10 x 3
    Chins 10 x 3
    Preacher Curls 10 x 3
    Cable Crunches 10 x 3

    Bench Day

    Bench 3 x 8, 2 x 2
    OHP 4 x 3 last set AMRAP
    Dumbell Bench 5 x 4
    Tricep Pushdowns 15 x 3 last set AMRAP
    Side Raises 10 x 3
    Facepulls 10 x 3

    Squat Day

    Squats 4 x 5, 3 x 5
    Good Mornings 8 x 3
    Leg press 15 x 3
    Dumbell rows 10 x 4
    Seated Rows 10 x 3
    Ab Rollouts 15 x 3

    I feel like it's a solid program but I may be missing something. Any input would be appreciated.
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  2. Perrin Aybara

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    I'd mix stuff up a little. Put some bench stuff on deadlift day, some squat stuff on bench, etc, etc. You'll get more out of them going in somewhat fresh rather than just hammering the same muscles for a whole session. Plus stimulating growth more often.
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  3. Test_Subject

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    Thanks for the feedback. How does my accessory work look?
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  4. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    I like to see upper back every gym session. Maybe some direct hamstring work, too.
  5. Test_Subject

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    I revised things a bit.


    OHP 531
    Smolov Squat
    Close Grip Pulldown
    Lateral Raise

    DL/Weighted Dips

    Deadlift Magort reps
    Deficit deads
    Weighted Dips
    Cable Crunches


    Close Grip Bench
    Smolov Squat
    Barbell Rows


    Smolov Squat
    MagOrt Deadlift
    Leg Press
    Dumbell Row
    Ab Wheel

    Look better? I'm honestly pretty new to powerlifting, so I appreciate the advice.
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  6. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    Do you have any issues with work or anything interfering with your squat or deadlift day? Lately I've been doing deadlift on Saturday for that reason and will be doing squat on Saturday starting next year.

    Also, I'm not super familiar with MagOrt or Smolov as I've never run either. So I'm not sure what that would look like or how it would work put together like this, but here's how I would arrange things. Either this or if you feel like your lower body needs more recovery you could turn the main bench back into something like your initial post, so there's like an upper day, lower day, and two full body days.

    Day 1

    Smolov squat
    MagOrt deadlift
    Front squat
    Dumbbell rows
    Ab wheel

    Day 2

    Smolov squat
    Close grip bench
    Barbell rows
    Face pulls

    Day 3

    Deadlift MagOrt reps
    Weighted dips
    Deficit deadlift
    Cable crunches

    Day 4

    Leg press (light and higher reps)
    OHP 5/3/1
    Close grip pull downs
    Lateral raises
    Face pulls
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  7. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    Wait, isn't it recommended to not even deadlift while doing smolov squat program?
  8. CAswole

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    @Test_Subject why 531 for oh press but not for the other big lifts?
  9. Eman

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    I have done smolov however, it was an extremely bastardized version because full boar smolov isn't a good idea... Unless you're Russian.

    I actually like your first setup. I'm not big on mixing stuff like bench and deadlift or squats and bench.

    I think the biggest factor in what you're trying to accomplish is the weights you're using and the RPE you work in. The sets/reps you use shouldn't be static, they should undulate from week to week and month to month.
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  10. Test_Subject

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    I find that 531 isn't optimal for bench or deadlift, and I wanted to try smolov for squat.

    I've had great results with it for OHP, though, and figured that I'd stick with it.
  11. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    It is, but I figured I'd be OK if I wasn't doing it 4x a week as prescribed.
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  12. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    I've never tried Smolov. Thanks for relating your experience.
  13. Eman

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    I realized after a while that I wasnt really running smolov... I was mostly just doing a form of undulating periodization by following the few parts of it that I was following. So, you might get good results by following it once per week and following the periodization that it lsys out... But the deloads are pretty important.

    I credit it with bringing my bench up into the 400's for the first time.
  14. CAswole

    CAswole Member

    Very well, good luck and enjoy