Powerlifting/ Strenght cycle suggestion

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by endorfina, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. endorfina

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    Hey guys, first post here, i need some help with a cycle.
    Just a little introduction:
    Im from Brazil, working out hard at last 4 years, 10%bf, 80 kilos, my objective is to gain strength to a powerlifting competition.

    I don't have much experience om how to choose property drugs and adequated dosage to strength gains, just for building mass.

    Im thinking about that:

    1-8 weeks using Durateston (brazilian compound, blend of testosterone) 500 mg/week (2 shots)

    1-8 weeks using deca durabolin 400mg/week (2 shots)

    4-8 weeks using Dianabol 40mg/day (2 times of 20mg in a day)

    my post cycle will be classic serms, theres a reason to use hcg, vitamin e or vitrix?

    Remember, im studing, and accepting other suggestions and models for strength gain cycles.

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. bigrobbie

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    For first cycle bro, leave the Deca out. Dbol weeks 1-4 at 20-30mg/e.d., and keep your test injection schedule the same.

    Week 3 or 4 you should start hcg administration at 250iu /wk. Do this until cycle end. Have adex, letro or even just extra nolvadex for on cycle sides.

    Question bro...What are your exact goals, and why do you feel AAS are needed?
  3. endorfina

    endorfina Junior Member

    Thanks for quickly reply bigrobbie.
    About my goals... i'm a amateur powerlifter and ill compete in a few months. This is a pre-contest cycle. I'm training hard, the cyle is just to boost my marks, im searching the best method at least 3 weeks.

    Please help me with 2 questions:
    1) In your opinion, why i have to drop deca?
    2) There are any other method to use hcg? Im living with my family and its complicated to maintain HCG in Freezer.
  4. mands

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    Since you are competing I'm assuming you will have to maintain a certain weight? This answer would probably determine what I would tell you to run for a cycle.

  5. endorfina

    endorfina Junior Member

    Yeap, i have to maintain a certain weight.. ill compete in 83kilos (maximum weight) categorie, i`ve 79 kilos, do you think that ill have more weight than 83?

    Thx guys for help me!
  6. mac111

    mac111 Member

    i would stretch that test out to 10wks. forget the deca, and dbol will put substantial water weight on you. my advice would be just to go with the test for 10wks then experiment on another cycle with dbol. i plift also and dbol can put you over your weight class easily esp on a 1st time run. i hear alot of guys praising Anavar for its strength properties without much weight gain
  7. newbie23

    newbie23 Member

    mass water with those 2? sounds like you don't know how to dial in your dose and eat right to keep bloat off. Ive used deca for cutting multiple times, and it actually works great..........:p

    maybe your one of those who thinks you have to run test 2x as high as your deca.......................:D
  8. newbie23

    newbie23 Member

    thats what I would do for a first, dbol and test.....
  9. mands

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    That is almost 9 lbs. I would think with what you are wanting to run you would easily go over that weight in 4 weeks. Alot being water weight. How many weeks until your competition?

    You might want to think about running some Test Prop, tren Acetate and last 4 weeks before competition running Halotestin.

    Is this competition testing for AAS? This would also determine what you should run. Diet is key here!

    Also, if this is your first cycle I would not suggest Tren.

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  10. mac111

    mac111 Member

    hes a powerlifter you dopey fuckwit, he isnt cutting. im getting rather sick of your pissing around. whenever you are in the running for world records, then come and talk to me about powerlifting. ive more experience with these compounds and knowledge about them in my little finger than you have in your excuse for a brain. asshole
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  11. newbie23

    newbie23 Member

    hahahaha my point exactly!!!! if he is a power lifter he doesn't want to add weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you wish you had it like that, I will school you any day of the week [:eek:)]

    its tough to teach an old dog new tricks............... problem is, you think the steroid determines the outcome, and for the most part, that just isn't the case.

    one thing I will agree with on, var. This will give strength with little weight gain, or halotestin. but if he chooses var he will need 80-100mg ED to get what he wants out of it, its very weak. that with 300mg test, thats it.

    or dbol and test, with AI and good diet :D

    and your taking my statement out of context, i said I've used deca for cutting and it worked great, meaning low water retention. trick was using HRT dose of test with 600mg of deca a week.......................you could def get some strength gains like that with little weight gain, cutting does not mean burn fat, it means maintain muscle mass while on caloric deficit.
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  12. mac111

    mac111 Member

    you are a spastic, total and utter. you obviously ahve no clue on compounds and required diet for plifting. i however have 21yrs experience on plifting and 7 on using AAS. now, you are on ignore so you can fucking talk to yourself.

    OP, disregard this wanker, he is only on here to wind me up. his 'advice' is BS
  13. newbie23

    newbie23 Member

    doesn't matter how long you have been doing, if you have been doing it wrong the whole time :D

    my advice is not BS, i know many many plifters that have been in the game for 20 years, talk them on a daily basis, only difference is, they are not afraid of trying something new.
  14. endorfina

    endorfina Junior Member

    mac111: Thanks for advices, ill maintain test, and thinking about deca and dbol, my problem with Anavar that here in Brazil is very, very, very expensive....

    newbie23: Im agree with u about the diet.. diet is the key.. Mine is perfectly, a lot of years doing it. Im a novice only with roids. Can u explain what is the term HRT (dose of test)?

    Mands: Tkx for help, ive 19 weeks to competition, im thinking about this cycle on last 8 weeks. I have just one cycle, this one was included trenbolone. Personally i dont like tren to strength gains.. is a beast for get in shape, but for my body isnt good for strength. About testosterone Propionate everybody said to me that test blend is far better, but i dont have experience with one of both. Halotestin i dont have easy access here, just traveling to another country (paraguay). There`s no testing for AAS.

    Guys, im keeping the protocol in my mind.. Anavar is very expensive... halotestin i dont have easy access (will be very expensive too), thinked about primobolan... no way...
    My last (and first) cycle was test enantate + trenbolone acetate + stanozolol. With a good diet (6gr carb/kg, 4gr prot/kg, 1,2gr fat/kg) and no junkie food i had lean gains. Now my objective is strength, but, with discipline and good diet can i control and use proposed drugs?

    Thx everybody in advance.
    if you knew how intelligent people like you are rare in other countries, would not be discussing.
  15. mac111

    mac111 Member

    no prob mate. newbie23 is what we call a 'know it all' no real life experience and likes to troll internet forums with parroted information, most probably acquired from a 17yr old on BB.com.

    as you will know, powerlifting demands a high carb diet to get through those gruelling heavy workouts. if you use dbol and deca, no matter how careful and exact you are with your diet, you will gain alot of water weight.
    anavar is expensive everywhere im afraid. your best option is to stick with the test this time around, you shouldnt really use more than one compound on a 1st run. experiment with others in your off season and get a picture for what is going to be your best option. and beware jerk offs advising you a load of BS.
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  16. newbie23

    newbie23 Member

    ^^^ anavar is not expensive or hard to get anymore, mac is stuck in the 70's

    as far as the whole carb spiel, you will never need high glycemic carbs except after your work out, you do 1 thing with those, and thats refill glycogen stores.

    there is a way to eat and refill those without being a fat ass.

    as far as real world experience, I've heard that that before i got plenty, here you are suggesting anavar and you don't know the first thing about it cause you have never used it
  17. mands

    mands Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Good advice from mac111 with running test only, I'm just afraid that you will gain more than 4kg on Test even with a clean diet and miss your weight class. You will have to watch your weight closely.

    I'm shocked you didn't have major strength gains with your Tren. I would seriously reconsider running Test Prop and Tren Ace. at 100mg EOD for 8 weeks right into your competition. With shorter esters you have the ability to cut back if you are gaining too much weight. With a longer ester it's a little hard to manipulate. You could add Halo if you can get it the last two weeks should work or even add methyltest on your work out days only an hour before you workout. I would definitely consider it on competition day along with clenbuterol if you have any experience with it. I have noticed personally with clen and Methyltest I am instantly stronger in the gym.

  18. mands

    mands Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    totally agree here! Anavar can be found for a reasonable price. Just have to be careful it's legit Anavar.

    Even good carbs will put on weight. Granted it's good lean muscle but indeed extra weight. Without the carbs you will not be getting the strength gains you are wanting I presume.

    If you decide to run Anavar I would run it at 100mg a day the last 6 weeks of your cycle.

  19. newbie23

    newbie23 Member

    I only put on weight though if I'm eating too many cals, all you have to do is play with macros, workout more, then you can gain strength without adding the weight. You can make workouts more strenuous in order to use calories consumed.

    at least thats how my body works, but i agree no matter what he is gonna gain 3-5lbs

    Halo is obvious choice one for pliers because strength will come without any weight, but its harsh and def not for beginners.
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  20. newbie23

    newbie23 Member

    I no longer run high amounts of testosterone, i react better to high amounts of tren. all taking too much test does is make you bloated, don't get me wrong, i like 3-400 a week sometimes, but never more than that anymore.

    since you will be taking androgens that will shut off your natural testosterone, you will need at least 200mg of test in your cycle so that your body has the testosterone it needs to do its daily duties.

    keeping your testosterone lower, and the use of AI during cycle will keep unnecessary water off, a little extra water is good, but too much breeds fat.

    so guys run T cycles with AI's and think its not working, well it is they are just getting lean mature gains instead of water.

    so thats what you should do, any weight that comes on this cycle should be hard lean muscle, you will need to control estrogen to keep fat at bay.

    then throw 60-80mg ed of var on 300mg test after being on T for 6 weeks, and I assure you your strength gains will be plentiful.