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    Good morning everyone!

    Let's open a can of worms,I need some help,let me tell you about myself. I've been doing powerlifting for a year now running Test C and tren A cycle's.I've gained a lot but with powerlifting like you all now comes High calorie intake,for me 6000 per day lol.Im at the point where I want to see what's under all of this "layer of fat" I'm at a 15% body fat and thinking of cleaning up my diet and doing a cutting cycle next time.
    So,any help with diet, foods and cycle's and all that goes with that will be greatly appreciated
  2. As far as diet is concerned if you want to be as accurate as possible you must first determine your maintenance calories, to do that you should weigh yourself every day for 14 days whilst eating as you do now so you can have an accurate depiction of how your actual weight is fluctuating, after that you should take the average of your weight from these days and use this weight to find your maintenance calories [there are many online calculators and some free excel spreadsheets to help you with that, if you want I can provide you with one excel myself]. After you find your maintenance calories if I were you I would diet on them for about two weeks and see how your weight fluctuates. There are two paths you could choose, either do a slow and controlled cut or an aggressive one [minuct] for a slow one subtract -15% of your maintenance calories and keep monitoring your weight and adjust accordingly. For a more aggressive one -25% is ideal. You know what you want to choose accordingly I do think that's what you should do in general with me knowing literally almost nothing from your stats.

    As a general recommendation here is a guidline for how your macro composition should be on a cut:

    • Protein: 1.1/1.3g per pound of bodyweight.
    • Fats: 15-25% of your total calories.
    • Carbohydrates: Rest of the remaining calories.

    Now regarding food choices. Go with nutrient-dense foods. You should have 2-3 servings of vegetables and 2-3 servings of fruits so you can dial in your micronutrients. Try to eat as clean as possible just because 'clean' foods tend to be more good for satiety.

    When dieting it's only natural that you will limit your overall calories hence your carbohydrates. Try to get the majority of them pre, intra and post workout along with a solid protein source to help with your workout and muscle retention. Don't neglect your fats.
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    Not necessarily...

    You don't need to be fat to be a powerlifter.
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    But damn if it ain't fun !
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    I should have said, "you don't NEED to be fat to be a powerlifter, but you SHOULD be."
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    I didn't refer to powerlifters being fat I was talking about myself,I burned fat doing powerlifting I was at 25-30% bf and with in a year I I went down to +/-15%. I personally just want to slim down more. It feels like I'm not going down anymore in bf.I don't have any help in the town I live in as it's a small mining town and no resources or help.
    Isn't that why we are part of Metso so we can help each others?
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    But you do need to be hairy and have a beard.
  8. But also being bald makes the trick.
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    The powerlifting trinity
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  10. That's basically how I am. But I don't powerlift. Feelsbadman.jpg
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    Thanks @Necessary Evil, and all I've done is powerlifting but I do appreciate all the help it's a start for now would like to see what's going to happen when I combine the 2 get ripped and be strong hahaha,well that's the dream
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  12. Well I agree with @Necessary Evil i would figure out what your daily maintenance calories are and try to get a good guess of how many calories your burning a day in relation. Slimming down requires more calories burned than calories taken in. I’m sure your more than aware of that. Figure out those numbers and gradually work down from your 6000 cals a day to a few hundred under maintenance. Give it a few weeks at that and see what the mirror and scale are telling you. Keep nutrient dense food a big part of your diet. Leaner meats. Lots of fruits and veggies. Lower GI carbs are my preference but I will opt for higher ones to stay “fuller” at certain parts of the day. Focus a lot of your daily carb intake around your workout as well. Normally I’d keep about 25% to add into breakfast and my meal after my post workout meal.

    Also, you don’t NEED tren to cut either. A good moderate testosterone cycle paired with disciplined diet goes a long way. Even NPP is somewhat similar to tren. No it doesn’t give you that 3D look but it’s great for building and holding onto muscle, does give you awesome strength, and will keep you with a “full” look during your cut. Even Anavar or some TBol would be a nice compliment towards the end of your cycle as well to help prevent muscle wasting during ge caloric deficit and keep strength up.
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    Of course, man... I just didn't want you to believe the two had to go hand in hand. Kind of a common myth.

    Are you looking to stop powerlifting training while you cut or do you want to maintain that part and drop fat?

    I don't know what your cycling experience is but you don't have to get too elaborate with AAS. A moderate test dose, possibly a DHT based AAS or even tren if you're feeling frisky. GH is a nice option, a beta antagonist.

    A slight deficit and some extra conditioning will go a very long way for the rest.

    If you have the ability to get up early and do 30-45min of fasted cardio with GH, yobimbine, tyrosine and caffeine... That would be my preference. Put yourself in a 500cal deficit. 400mg test dose stacked with another anabolic like primo if you can would be great. It'll all compliment powerlifting nicely too if you want to keep up with that.

    Just some ideas
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    Dosing on the yohimbine here, E?
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    .2mg/kg of bodyweight.

    However, start with ~5mg to see how you feel... Some individuals don't feel well from it. It can also induce panic attacks and/or anxiety if you're susceptible.

    Don't let this scare you off, I can take 25mg and feel fine... Just make sure you tolerate it okay before you go balls to the wall.
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