PPL Dihydroboldenone {Analyzer}

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  1. penche

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    Here is the HPLC report for Dihydrobold from
    PPL that I brewed for myself. After all their drama I wanted to make sure it was surely Dihydro and not some other cheap compound or flour. Turns out the raw is good and my math is spot on. I made it at 110mg and it tested 107.
    Not bad..

    Big shout out to @Analyzer was a pleasure dealing with you brotha. Made everything easy. Can’t wait to send more samples like possibly component th and maybe some finaplix H for shits n grins. ;)

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  2. Skull

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    Awesome @penche Thanks brother. Appreciate you testing my friend. I like where the new generation of testing is going :):cool:
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  3. master.on

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    @Analyzer where's the calibration curve data?
    Where did you buy the DHB calibration standard from?
  4. Analyzer

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    I don't show calibration data anymore. Too much extra work to process all chromatograms and paste them into reports.
    The standard was prepared form purified and recrystallized raw compound.
  5. Digger

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    What solvent was used for recrystallization?
  6. Gymjunkie70

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    Thanks bro
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  7. Analyzer

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    I'm not sure, most likely some methanol-water mixture. It worked out good for most of steroid esters.
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  8. RandallNowan

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    Nice work.... This is aka 1-testosterone, right? I am considering it for my next cycle (summer). Let me know how you get on and what the legendary PIP is like!
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  9. penche

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    Correct 1-Test Cyp. Great for strength and vascularity brotha. The pip is there but it is tolerable. Not recommended for the novice. Heating the oil helped.
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  10. RandallNowan

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    Great stuff. Thank you for doing it the right way, Brother.
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  11. master.on

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    Thanks for taking your time to reply, @Analyzer

    Would you mind briefly explaining to us how the data in the report translates to 107 mg/ml result?
  12. Analyzer

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    Sure, the concentration of DHB in sample is calculated from area under the peak at 6.24 min in HPLC chromatogram. The area is compared to areas measured during calibration with set of standards with known concentrations.
  13. master.on

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    I might send some samples for you to test
    @Analyzer do you require the customer to tell what steroid and concentrations are expected to be in the sample?
  14. Michael7

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    Good results , thanks for testing brother
  15. Analyzer

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    No, I don't require any information about accepted samples. It makes the analysis more time consuming, but it adds more credibility to the results.
  16. RandallNowan

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  17. AnTabolic73

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    Thanks brother. I got 10 grams waiting to be brewed myself. This helps a lot
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  18. opti

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    @penche, great results! I see your math is spot on.:)
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  19. XKawN

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    @penche, showing off his master brewer badge. Nice job, brother.
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  20. ripgh15

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    Looking to brew some myself. Sorry, if i missed it but how did u brew it? bA%,BB%,carrier oil