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    @purplepandalabs International raws homebrew.

    1000mg Sustanon (500mg 2x week)
    600mg tren (100mg Acetate/100mg Enanthate 3x week)
    400mg equipoise (once a week)

    After starting this cycle I learned how it can be difficult to get steady bloods with Sustanon due to the variety of esters so I aimed for 48 hours post injection like I would with Test Enanthate. Highest results I've gotten yet so I was happy with it. What surprised me was that my estradiol came back at only 22! I didn't run an AI this cycle as I've always gotten high estradiol ,but no sides, even on cruise doses, sometimes as high as 90. I'm noticing more vascularity than ever before, could it be the EQ, it's my first cycle using it?

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    3981 is a great number. Thanks for sharing brother!!!
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    If u don’t mind me asking, how long have u been running those doses? Ty.
    Vasularity. Yeah the tren and Eq. Diet and being lean. A combo of a lot of things. Thanks for posting. Btw
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    The tren and EQ doses have been consistent through the cycle (8 weeks at the time), I started out at 500mg of sustanon but decided to increase it a month before bloods were drawn.

    I have cleaned up my diet for this run but I'm far from the BF% I'm after so getting veiny was a nice surprise.
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