PPL - T Cyp Raw - 2018-03 - Analyzer

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by G2Ready, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    testosterone Cypionate went off for testing

    Actual Content: Trestolone acetate

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  2. Evom1

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    Umm that's not good.... Domestic or international??
  3. G2Ready

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  4. Troy22

    Troy22 Member

    Thanks for doing the tests now I must say what n the fly fuck PPL?
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  5. Johnny442

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    I haven’t really said much as this lab continues to fuck up, but hot damn this is fucking ridiculous. Imagine thinking you’re running a gram of test and it’s really trestolone. You’d end up with a set of double d’s! It’s time for this lab to GTFOH! I’m guessing their response will be they don’t trust the analysis! SMH
  6. MythotiK

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    I'm glad I just sat back and watched this one fail
  7. Skull

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    I did the same thing. I do however feel badly for the ones who have been fucked over by em. That jus goes to show ya no matter how big or small a lab is if their not testing their gear before hand, their brewing blindfolded. Thanks for the testing @G2Ready an sorry about your results. Atleast you know what it is before pinning. That peace of mind is well worth sending it off for testing. :)
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  8. showstoppa

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    With the price of trest I can guarantee this a labeling mix up. Still unacceptable but I can promise ppl isn't happy with his domestic guy lol.

    Thank you for testing and for fucks sake I hope he straightens his shit out. But enjoy the trest you just got for pretty much free.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    But I'm a dick everytime I say something or people bash @rpbb for his comments about ppl. Someone is gonna get fucked up one day.
  10. prkway

    prkway Member

    Hmm, makes me wonder if i was injecting trest instead of Test c.
    I had prepared Test c but was having to use a lot more adex than usual.
  11. Roco Bama

    Roco Bama Member

    Test C starts to crystallize at temperature below 65F. Just put it in the refrigerator and see if the solution crystallizes in the bottom of the vial.
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  12. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    When does trest crystalize?
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  13. Roco Bama

    Roco Bama Member

    Don't know tbh. My test c would just crystallize at room temperature during winter
  14. raped ape

    raped ape Junior Member

    Well this has me worried, although my order was intl. but that def. had to be a labeling or translation mistake cause trest is a more expensive raw
  15. Mimmik

    Mimmik Member

    Trest won’t hold at anything you’d try to brew Test Cyp at milligram wise. It’s hard to get trest over 100mg/ml. It’s usually prepared @ 50mg/ml.
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  16. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    I've been considering placing an order from PPL because of all of the weird and wonderful compounds that they have, but this shit is ridiculous.

    They're going to hurt people with all of these fuck ups. Not only does trest aromatize like crazy, it's also VERY suppressive. If someone who PCTs took it it could mess them up.

    I'm staying well away. First pube gear and now this.
  17. Roco Bama

    Roco Bama Member

    Isn't Canadian customs pretty tight. I thought you guys only use domestic sources.
  18. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    Very. But I was thinking about it.

    I'm just going to stick to domestic. PPL has fucked up too many times for my liking.
  19. ripgh15

    ripgh15 Member

    wait wtf i have 25g of test cyp from domestic.

    now i have 25g of trest? wow

    If you don’t mind me asking, what was the color/ consistancy of your trest raws? im trying to see if i got trest also
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  20. master.on

    master.on Member

    @Analyzer urgently needs to address his testing methods for credibility:

    You seem to use GC-FID which doesn't identify steroids (or any substance) by itself.
    It only tells you that something triggered a peak at X time.

    Please enlighten us
    on what retention times do different steroids give peaks at?
    What column/parameters do you use for that?
    Laboratory testing of AASs, GH, peptides...