pramipexole experiment

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    I cut the dose in half last night and today my libido tanked. Hard to believe the DA receptors down regulated so quickly. (~5 days). Probably some other reason, but worth noting. Definitely not as sleepy today either.
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    keep posting zkt, this is very interesting, long term posting on a protocal is very helpful as short term we tend to always find so many miracle drugs, but time always tells the real story

    I hope this stuff is a good thing

    what form of it are you taking? mirapex extended release?
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    The cheap stuff.
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    I did it for a week. Stopped for a week and then tried it again. It increased libido a little bit, increased daytime sleepiness a lot and decreased blood pressure significantly.
    I also bought a big screen TV. But have been plannig that for a while.
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    I believe the answers we are looking for are to be found with these types of experiments, maybe not specifically prami, but I have a strong feeling that this kind of thing holds a lot more hope than trt when libido and function are the issue and natural testosterone levels are low normal to normal
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    I decided to do the pramipexole experiment to see if it could help my libido. I've tried TRT. The libido increase on TRT lasted about 6 weeks. I started clomid at in August 2010. I've was taking 25 mg. three times a week. The bump in libido lasted about 3 weeks. I discontinued the clomid
    when I started the pramipexole experiment.

    I started pramipexole at .125 mg 1-2 hours before bedtime. First week I had crazy vivid dreams. Very hard to get up in the morning. Very tired and groggy. A little "five hour energy" drink got me going. NOTE: I drink the equivalent of about 3-4 alcohol drinks per evening. The combination of the two put me to sleep right away.

    About the end of the first week and up to the middle of the second week I would decided to take the pramipexole in the morning ( because of the alcohol use). I upped the dose to .25 mg. Still made me sleepy. I did notice that I was less agitated and much calmer with my kids. My craving for alcohol at night time started to disappear. Morning libido was much stronger.

    During this past week I started taking .25 mg twice a day( once in the morning and one in the evening before bed). I've had only half a drink total at nightime in the past 6 days. The desire to drink is just not there. The sleep has been very restful. Lots of of vivid dreams still.

    Two days ago I took .125 of prami in the morning and .375 mg of prami 1-2 hours before bedtime. Both times when I had upped the dose before bedtime I got strong erections when I layed down to go to bed (for no reason. My wife was sleeping, I was extremely tired). This hasn't happened in many years. (Excluding nooky nights on the weekend with my wife while using cialis). I haven't had the tiredness the past 3 mornings now. I wake up really refreshed. Maybe my body is adjusting to the prami. I am noticing that I am more focused during the day.

    I'm going to up the dose to .5 mg before bedtime soon. I liked the spontaneous erection.
    Has anybody heard that pramipexole reduces alcohol cravings? I read on some internet blog that chronic alcohol use down regulates or shuts down the dopamine receptors or something along that line.

    One more note. I've been able to reduce the amount of cialis that I use since being on prami.
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    Thats great man! I can confirm the libido increase. The sleepiness didnt go away for me but also has for others. Maybe I`ll give it go again. There is a definite decrease in BP, at least for me, probably due to renal arteriole vasodilation via D2 receptor.
    Please keep us posted. :)
    Have you noticed any effects on cognition, attention or short term memory?
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    This is just a hypothesis but i think the "crave" or "urge" to drink comes from low dopamine. Because alcohol does raise dopamine. So since prami is a dopamine agonist and you probably have increased dopamine signaling, you don't have cravings for alcohol anymore.

    I felt the same effect with Wellbutrin but i think it was a different mechanism - nicotine receptors. I had absolutely no desire to drink on wellbutrin. It never crossed my mind at all. Whereas before Wellbutrin i would CRAVE alcohol at least once/week.

    Are you still on prami? So it improves your errections but does it improve your desire?
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    Still on prami. I'm going to keep on it as long as it keeps working. I've been trying to cut down on my drinking for over 16 months now. I can never go more than three days. I have GERD from drinking which has given me a persistant sore throat from the acid burn. (This is the best my throat has felt in months).

    My main reason for prami is to see if I can get a libido boost. I've notice an increase in desire only in the past week as I gradually increased the dosages. I hope its for more than several weeks. In past therapies the libido boost was short lived. I believe it was meso member CONQUERIT that said he's been on it for 5 months, his libido has quadrupled, and has done wonders for his sex life and marriage. Now that's what I want!!

    My attention is better. Not sure about the cognition or short term memory. More relaxed around the kids which in turns makes me less stressed. So thats a positive. The restful sleep has been really nice. The extreme sleepiness in the morning hours has dissipated over the past few days.

    I'll do an update in 2-3 weeks more of being on prami
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    I get the exact same off of hydergine, there is a definite increase in libido but I need to take a nap in the day too due to sleepiness, even if I had a full nights sleep. blood pressure is solidly in the bottom normal. I do think I am a little bit smarter on it too, but that is hard to quantify for sure
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    Very cool.

    Please update us in a few weeks. I'm really interested in the medium longterm effectiveness of Prami.

    Perhaps people need to get over the side effects to feel the benefits of the medication...

    Look forward to your updates.