Pramipexole raw in PEG 400 Shelf Life?

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by DozerSoldier, Apr 13, 2018.

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    20180413_110536-800x600.jpg Just got some PEG 400 in with some other supplies. Was going to use it for nolvadex, aromasin, cialis and some Pramipexole.

    I was going to mix up Prami 30ml @ 1mg/ml in the PEG 400.
    Would this be stable?
    How long?

    Side Note: Not going to mix it right now because I am cruising @ 160-180mg/ wk for 10 weeks then bloodwork.
    However, next blast I am running deca and just want to have it on hand.
    I have ran NPP @70mg ED (490/wk) with 900mg/wk Test E. with only 6mg aromasin. No problems, bloodwork fine.
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    The molecular weight of pramipexole is 211.324 g/mol. So peg 200 would be ideal.
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  3. DozerSoldier

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    Thanks, but would PEG 400 work? As we all know, prami isn't something you wanna screw up when making.
    Any keywords for researching the link between molecular weight of raw and preferred vehicle?
  4. joevette

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    I think it would since you're only making it at a 1 mg/ml concentration. Personally, I'd spring for the peg 200 just to be safe.
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    Edited and added this during your response.
    Any keywords for researching the link between molecular weight of raw and preferred vehicle?
  6. joevette

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    Just match the molecular weight to the type of peg. Like Prami has a molecular weight of 211.324 g/mol so you'd use peg 200 since that's very close.
    Currently I am making a liquid oral with lgd-4033 that I put into an eye dropper (1 drop=15mg) for covert use around the wife. lgd-4033 has a molecular weight of 338.253 g/mol, so I'm using peg 300.
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    Thanks alot for that info.
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    To be clear, I can ingest this right lol?
    I mean, I am reading studies, and uses, and that it's fine.
    I just tasted a drop of PEG 400 and it actually creates a very warm feeling on my tongue. Something like a warming lubricant that is available as an intimacy product/lubricant. (If you have used one).
    I am using straight Polyethylene Glycol 400.
    Is this normal, the warming sensation.???

    Serving size will be 1ml with an oral syringe. Photos below.

    So, I just whipped up 600mg tadalafil into 30ml @20mg/ml. Used PEG 400.
    Tadalafil Solubility:
    "PEG-400 (polyethylene glycol 400) 23.76 mg/ml
    PG (propylene glycol) 3.66 mg/ml
    Ethanol 3.54 mg/ml
    Water 0.02 mg/ml

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  9. joevette

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    Yes, the warming sensation is normal. It is safe to ingest orally.
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  10. master.on

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    Does Prami decompose in water?
    Because it seems to be soluble in water

    Pramipexole dihydrochloride A1237

    Pramipexole dihydrochloride monohydrate | CAS 191217-81-9

    So why bother with PEG and its nasty taste?

    Be aware that the 20 mg/ml solubility figure is usually only attainable by using very pure, true lab grade Prami and Water.
    So settle for 10 mg/ml or less.
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  11. DozerSoldier

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    I am reading it's pretty stable.
    I am wondering if it would degrade in PEG 400 though.
    May end up using distilled water @ 1mg/ml.

    Pramipexole Chemistry

    "Pramipexole dihydrochloride monohydrate drug substance is a very stable compound. In the solid state and in solutions stored at ambient temperature, pramipexole dihydrochloride monohydrate does not degrade."
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