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  1. Rams

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    hey guys,

    I am currently 16 weeks out from a men’s physique competition and I am wondering what would be a good additional compounds to add onto my cycle.

    So far I only have test E that I’ll be dosing at 500 a week (sun,thurs) and was in between trying to add on masterom, windtrol, and/or possibly tren. Granted this’ll be my second cycle so tren doesn’t sound super compelling but I’d be open to others thoughts and suggestions.
  2. Nela

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    What are your stats bro
  3. Rams

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    Bf 13%
    Bench: haven’t PRd in a while but can rep 225 for 24 reps. I hit a 325 bench last summer when I was a lot weaker so I bet I could do 10-20more pounds if I tried
  4. fodsod

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    Just a list of suggestions. Mix and match as needed.

    Switch to test prop 6-8 weeks out. 400-800mgs per week then drop it 2 weeks out
    tren A or E 300-600mgs per week to show day
    Mast 400-800 mgs per week to show day
    GH 2-5 ius ED drop it 2 weeks out
    Winstrol 50mgs ED to show day (last 6-8 weeks)
    Anavar- 50mgs ED to show day (last 6-8 weeks)
    clen or albuterol with caffeine (200mgs each dose) 3 times a day until the beginning of carb loading.
    t3 20 mcgs up to 100 mcgs daily to show day

    That should get you started.

    GH, tren, t3 and clen/albuterol are the primary conditioners. Mast, winny, anavar are hardeners for when you're in shape.
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  5. Rams

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    Sorry for the crazy late reply guys. I had to pull out of the competition I was planning on doing due to a few family emergencies that happened. I just couldnt stay mentally focused so I decided to shut things down and try to maintain my size until the next show. I am looking at a show 6 months out to try and get ready for and ill definitely use the compounds that you listed man so thanks for the help