Pre-Cycle Blood Work.. What Do You Think?

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    Hey guys,

    I will be starting a cycle within the next few weeks. It will be a pretty basic cycle of Test E, Proviron, Dbol. I have all my pharma grade A.I., pct alnd hcg as well. I will be running bloods at the 6 week point. Also to help in assessing a few of the labels that are being sold here & see their effectiveness.

    I took some pre-cycle bloods to see where I was at. I haven't touched anything in a little over two months. That is including over the counter supps or AAS. The only thing I did take was some letro a few days prior to my bloods ( To help with a little tissue build up which went away) but it absolutely destroyed my estrogen. The last few days have been a NIGHTMARE & I will never use it again unless I am on cycle. I've already found better methods for next time.

    I guess my concern ( I know why E2 was low) is the creatinine levels would be one, however prior to the test I didn't drink much water. Also what do you think of the eGFR levels ? All in all I am pretty satisfied, especially with Test levels. Prior to this they where 190, but now at 600+ natty.

    Anyways I also wanted to share this to have on here my pre-cycle bloods & the results from when I run SAS labs Test E & Pharmacon Test E. So I will be keeping you guys in the loop !!

    Appreciate any feedback.

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    I hope you learned your lesson with the letro... It's beyond me why anyone takes it to 'get rid of some gyno'.
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    I sure did. I have done it before in smaller doses and it worked.The difference was I was on cycle. It did remove it , but deff not worth how I feel. Thanks for responding to the thread.