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  1. raspy23

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    Hey guys!

    Pre workouts have always been a huge topic. Based on your experience's What pre workout CURRENTLY AVAILABLE do you suggest?

    Suggestions on any other pre or post workout supplement's welcome as well

  2. heel hook

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    It is boring but Water and sometimes Coffee.
  3. Gunrunner

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    A mix of fast acting carbs and some BCAA seem to work well for me. Try Glycofuse and BCAA for before and during and then a healthy meal afterwards.
  4. Voltrader

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    Coffee seems to do the trick. GR is right maybe some fast acting carbs for a quick boost and it seems to make my veins pop a little more. I like a cup of coffee and 10 oz. steak. I use cheap cuts pounded with a tenderizer. I will have a couple pieces of Australian black licorice in the car on my way to the gym and probably another cup of coffee just because it taste so bad with black licorice:).
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  5. Gunrunner

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    If you're talking about a prework energy drink I can think of two good ones. Chaotic Rage and Nytro are good. They both still have DMAA in it.

    I also like to take some Niacin beforehand as it helps increase vasularity. cialis and viagra will do the same. Of course creatine always helps with muscle fullness.
  6. Voltrader

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    That flush the first few times you take niacin definetely feels weird. I forgot about that. I used to make my own pre-workout so I can decide what I want in it. I took powder arginine, powder b-complex, niacin, caffeine. Mix it up with some single serve crystal light raspberry lemonade. I knew guys change up the formula to whatever fit there goals. It was very cost effective.
  7. Colt44

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    I've had great success with cialis and C4.