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    I'm an older timer that first signed up here maybe 15 or 16 years ago. Did a little posting but wasn't too active. Just tended to read a lot! I've still been in the game using sparingly. I've had terrible luck with shoulders. Had surgeries on both shoulders within the last 5 years. Took one inch off my arms during that time. Local source was pretty expensive then moved away. Came here to learn more and find a new and less expensive source. Dealt with a few different folks. Never had a single problem. Then.... I believe shit hit the fan and there were a lot of busts. I'm afraid one of my sources was one. I started converting my own tren from finaplix. then fina was discontinued. Then I found component t-h and used that for years. Now that's been discontinued. Tryed the synovex conversion. everything seemed good, but the test kits you can get showed absolutely no presence of test of any kind. So... now I'm back and hopefully have found a good reliable source again.