Prediction for the Arnold Classic Australia 2018

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by SuperMaroid, Mar 3, 2018.

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    Back with another Arnold in 2 weeks. We have a lot of the same guys competing but we will be having Kevin Levrone making his return again. And I'm also excited to see Akim Williams. So lets hear the predictions for the Arnold Classic Australia 2018!

    1. William Bonac
    2. Cedric McMillin
    3. Roelly Winklaar
    4. Steve Kuclo
    5. Lionel Beyeke
    6. Akim Williams
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  2. Kevin levrone is gonna steal the show!!!!! :)

    In all reality mr.bonac will continue to hold off as the Arnold champ. His phyisque right now is so conditioned and yet freaky at the same time. He looks so much like Kai Greene from 2016 to me. I think William bonac will certainly again give Ramy and Phil a very close call for the olympia in 2018. Also if rolly Winkler can bring better conditioning I believe he will be a serious threat to the top 3 as well.
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    Sadly Levrone will do just like Wolf did and not even place, but I will be rooting for him.

    Roelly has so much potential, and hes holding more muscle than any competitor on stage. If he can nail his conditioning he is a threat to everyone. I really like Roellys physique because he has that freak factor.

    Ever see Akim Williams squat? He does 6 plates like a joke. Crazy strength, he has a lot of potential as well.

    This Olympia is going to be great this year. Either Phil ties the record for 8. Or he loses to Ramy, Bonac, or possibly Roelly.
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  4. Epic video of the top 2 from Arnold classic Columbus 2018,
    William bonac VS. The Blade

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    @Bleeding heart Judging by upper bodies only Dex had it. In this video they cut off their legs for parts. And when you see the legs thats when you knew Bonac had it. Not saying Dexters legs were bad, just saying Bonacs were better. And for his height he was the more complete bodybuilder. Judges made a great decision. Cant complain about any of the placing. Lionel could have beaten Kuclo but that was very close as well.
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  6. Definitely thought Lionel should have been 5th and kuclo 6th. I also thought winkler should have been 3rd and mcmillain 4th.

    I agree with the top 2 though for the reasons you said.
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    Did you hear McMillins speach at the past champion seminor? He says when you dream about things they dont always come true, I dream of having a bigger dick every night and that thing never grew, but you can always improve your technique. Lmao. Hes a hilarious speaker. Watch from 58:43 until the end.

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  8. A good pose down I'd love to see would have been Dennis wolf vs Kevin levrone. Both on the come back and legends of old. Sucks Denis wolf is sitting out the classic in Australia.
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    Yes would love to see that one. It would be pretty close but I think Wolf would win. Wolf needs time off to get his size back. I know Wolf could get his size back if he wanted but the question is, is he willing to go back to his intense training before his injury or will his neck surgery hold him back.
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  10. Hmm im excited to see what Kevin is going to bring to the stage though. He's been training hard and squating heavy for some time again now, and has been weighing in at over 260+ as late as 3 weeks out. So I think he will also have a little size on Dennis wolf right now as well.

    Dennis wolf definitely is looking really shredded, and his frame is definitely still there! I think he can certainly build back up, but he definitely won't be a threat to the the top 6 again in the Olympia I believe. Not at his age, and not after that surgery.
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  11. Turns out Dennis wolf will be competiting in the arnold classic Australia after all!

    So we will get to see levrone vs. Dennis wolf !!
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  12. Gottapintowin

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    If you guys haven't seen them sam Pearce and Nathan Williamson who are Aussie bb have a very good chance of top 6 too
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    Big shocker with the winner Roelly Winklaar!!!! Very happy he won it, hes one of my favorite bodybuilders. He deserved it, his conditioning was finally on point. I love his freak factor. The Top 6 were:

    1. Roelly Winklaar
    2. William Bonac
    3. Dexter Jackson
    4. Lukas Osladil
    5. Hide Yamagishi
    6. Luke Sandoe

    What do you guys think?
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    Roelly looked amazing, fucking HUGE.
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    Roelly definitely shocked us with that win. Finally was on point with his conditioning.

    Dexter Jackson was way off. His torn bicep threw off his entire physique. I think this is the first injury I've seen Dexter have. It might almost be time for him to retire. His body is breaking down on him from his old age. Nicks Strength does a good recap of the show and has before and after pictures of his bicep if anyones interested to see, check the video below.

  16. Groundfighter

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    I think Dex took a bad shot in the biceps. Bad synthol shot or something.
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  17. Evom1

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    Bostin posted up and called him out on how it was a bad injection
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    Could have definitely been a bad synthol shot. The reason I said it was an injury is because Dave Palumbo says he talked to Dexters trainer and he said Dexter tore his bicep. Dave says Jay Cutler said the same thing about his bicep and it does sound suspicious and a good cover up if it was a bad shot. Check this video at 3:25 thats when Dave starts talking about Dexter: