Prediction for the Arnold Classic Columbus 2018

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by SuperMaroid, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. SuperMaroid

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    Lets hear your predictions for the Arnold Classic Columbus 2018. For those that dont know Shawn Rhoden stepped out of this show because of a medical emergency. And we have Dennis Wolf making his return. And the previous champion was Cedric McMillin.

    1. William Bonac
    2. Roelly Winklaar
    3. Cedric McMillin
    4. Dexter Jackson
    5. Max Charles
    6. Dennis Wolf
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  2. Skull

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    Kia Green is gunna win it all;):cool: bahahaha......Waito_O, what:confused:??? Lmao;):D:)
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  3. MindlessWork

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    Wish Kai ever did get into the lineup for this year especially if he is in top form...the crowd would go wild haha.

    Even if Kai were to do a guest posing that would be great too.

    My predictions would be pretty much spot on with the OP, but there may be a lot of surprises that can change things in a hurry.
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  4. SuperMaroid

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    Dissapointed in Kais decision to stop competing in the Olympia. He could have been like Jay. Jay never gave up and eventually beat Ronnie. Even if he never won the Olympia he probably would have set a record for the most 2nd places at an Olympia. And the prize money for 2nd is pretty good. That grapefruit went to his head. Cant stand his interviews now when he goes Shakespeare and never answers the question.
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  5. MindlessWork

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    I feel the same way, but I can see where Kai is coming from as he's fed up with the politics and the BS. He has been passed over for every chance at the top spot...all because of his damn past.

    That damned grapefruit...
  6. SuperMaroid

    SuperMaroid Member Supporter

    Im not a Kai or Phil fan. But I dont think Kai ever beat Phil. Phil always had better lines, and more thickness in his chest, forearms, shoulders and arms. Kai beats Phil with his legs, but they say bodybuilding is won from the back and Phil beats Kai in the back.
  7. MindlessWork

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    yes it's always the small things that get you, and Kai's fans feel he got robbed every time.
  8. SuperMaroid

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    I had a lot of respect for Kai, I met him a few times and he took time out to talk to anyone who came up to him. I know politics and all that bullshit with his brand at the Olympia, but I just feel like hes a quitter. He was invited back to the Olympia the next year and declined. Sounds like hes holding a grudge for no reason, or Phil just got into his head and he doesnt just want to be 2nd anymore.
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  9. MindlessWork

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    Wonder if anyone asked him the true reasons for backing out of the Olympia. I am sure Phil got under his skin bigtime though.
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  10. SuperMaroid

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    There are many interviews that ask why Kai backed out of the Olympia, but then Kai goes on this Shakespeare rant and never answers the question.
  11. Oldman.

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    Kie Greene would have made a great ambassador to the sport. Phill Heath is a fucking self absorbed ass hat. He is the worst ambassador for the sport you could have. Arrogant non charismatic prick who is so full of himself he calls himself “the gift”. What a pompous ass.
  12. SuperMaroid

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    I agree, but Kai has a weird past with porn and stripping. His posing is great but sometimes it gives a stripper vibe which I dont like. And him answering questions would give your a headache with his run around answers. But his passion for the sport, and his modesty would make him a great ambassador.

    As for Phil I dont mind his cocky attitude because he has the physique to back it up.

    Honestly not a fan of either, Ronnie and Jay were my favorite Olympians.
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  13. DrinkFlintWater

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    I gave up following BB awhile ago now...the hype going into the O is boring because the outcome is already pre-determined...Anyway, not for this comp, specifically, but just in general. I really hope Winklar wins something big one day, im sure with the politics, an Olympia is unlikely. Ive seen a bunch of footage with him. The man gives his all and always fall short. Dedication and heart like no other.
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  14. Oldman.

    Oldman. Member

    Colman is/was just hard core. Jay was a competitor and fought the good fight until he won. Mad respect for both espically Jay. I don’t like Jays videos though because he is a inarticulate block head. It’s like listening to a meat head talk.

    Heath has had a free ride since HS. I give him nothing since all he did was not fuck up.
    Greene was in a bad situation from a kid and has been in and out of the system since he was a tween. Homeless, in jail..... he made something out of nothing.
    The IFBB should have given him a title to keep the sport energized. A rivalry is great for the fans and the sport but only if there is a chance for victory. Since there is none until Heath quits or gets hurt where is the suspense?

    Back on topic. I like many others would love to see Greene on stages the Arnold Classic again but I have a feeling that is not going to happen given how Arnold spoke to Greene after the win last
    time. Telling him he only won on the posing and another competitor looked better. A few more years and he will past the age of possibilities.
  15. SuperMaroid

    SuperMaroid Member Supporter

    The hype for the O has deff died down but I still love it and keep track of it. If Ramy could come in conditioned he has a very good chance of winning it this year. Or if Phil comes in off, but hes been very consistent with his conditioning.

    I would love to see Roelly pull off the win. I love his physique, one of the few people that really have that freak factor. And in my opinion he has the best arms in bodybuilding. Bonac is a tough one to beat with his conditioning and proportions.

    Not a fan of Jays videos either. But what I do like about Jay is that he gives back to the sport. He travels around the world watching shows and meeting his fans.

    Ronnie speaks for himself, he is the GOAT. No question about that. Especially his competition at the time was an all star line up.

    I feel bad for Kais life, and everyone has a past and it shouldnt be held against you. But I never thought Kai actually beat Phil. There are politics involved but I think if Kai never stopped he would have beat Phil. Kai is running out of time and thats why I think hes done competing for good.

    Another thing I hate about Phil is that he barely uses freeweight.

    Now I was being generous with Dennis Wolf putting him at 6th. But how do you think hes going to place? Do you think he will be back to his look prior to surgery? Or could this show be his last if he does horrible?
  16. Millard Baker

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    I didn't know about this...

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  17. SuperMaroid

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    If you want to stay updated subscribe to RX Muscle on Youtube. Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto(Shawns coach) will be having an interview up today with Shawn Rhoden about what happened to him.
  18. Redrum42

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    Phil has an amazing physique but that guy is a major goddamn douche and does not have a handle on that humble sportsman-like conduct. If I came in 2nd to that guy that many times it would drive me insane too.
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  19. Oldman.

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  20. SuperMaroid

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    @Millard Baker The interview with Shawn Rhoden was posted today on RXMuscle on youtube called "Shawn Rhoden: I Almost Died! (Exclusive)"

    Check it out if anyones interested in what happened to him. I had him in top 3. And really wanted to see him have his rematch against Dennis Wolf, but health first.
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