Pregnant Bodybuilders...

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by unfedpuppy, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. unfedpuppy

    unfedpuppy Member

    Can anybody tell me what causes this?

    Whether it's abuse of steroids or something different.

    I've heard people talk about it before.
    Sometimes called a Turtle Shell or something.

    Do most bodybuilders have this?

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  2. HeadDoc

    HeadDoc Psychologist

    GH, it grows stuff![:eek:)]
  3. Get Some

    Get Some Member

    This is commonly referred to as "growth gut"...this is 100% attributable to HGH. Arnold, Sergio, Lou, none of the old school guys ever had any "gut" whatsoever. But, HGH is the reason guys are much bigger now than they were back then. I guess you have to give up something to get something else right? I personally hate it.
  4. IronCore

    IronCore Member

    Thats why I wont touch GH... I am genetically pre-disposed and my gut already has some distention... I don't want to increase it ANY more...
  5. IanMac

    IanMac Junior Member

    I already got the gut, now I just need the muscles:eek:[:eek:)]
  6. unfedpuppy

    unfedpuppy Member

    So this isn't something attributed to all steroids, just HGH.

    That is good to know, I've seen this a lot with Pro Bodybuilders and wanted to find out what caused it.

    IMO it wouldn't be worth the size!
  7. Get Some

    Get Some Member

    Take a look at this pic and compare the two legends. Obviously Ronnie is bigger than Arnold. But, I believe, without the Hyperplasia that's possible with HGH, he couldn't have gotten that much bigger than Arnold. The difference in the ab region is frightening. The thigh region is astounding as well.

  8. unfedpuppy

    unfedpuppy Member

    I believe the overall look of Arnold is so much better.

    Like you said the ab region is a total difference between the two.

    Granted Ronnie is larger in size Arnold s tone is much better.
  9. Get Some

    Get Some Member

    I agree with you, Arnold's lookis much better. I would even argue that Ronnie is a bit leaner than arnold and more vascular, but this is also due to the lypolysis factor of HGH. Bodybuilding in the present day has become so much more focused on overall size versus shape. Arnold had the perfect shape. I would never want to look like Coleman, but I wouldn't mind looking like Arnold in his prime. His muscles are so well formed and shaped. Of course, a lot of that is genetics, but you know what I mean.
  10. Reinheart

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    That makes two of us bro. I totally hate it... :mad:

    Let me contribute:

  11. Reinheart

    Reinheart Member

    LOL! [:eek:)]
  12. Jrhodez

    Jrhodez Member

    Arnolds bi's are legendary, still bigger then colemans, don't get me wrong, coleman is a monster. Both are an inspiration.
  13. Get Some

    Get Some Member

    The major difference between the old school guys and the newer ones has got to be the thighs. Most of the newer guys have slightly bigger backs, traps, and chest than the old school guys, but the thigh aren't even close! Also, I would argue that the guys today are leaner than ever before. But, I still like the old look WAY more.
  14. Meathead27

    Meathead27 Member

    There's nothing to argue about. Guys today are ABSOLUTELY leaner than they were 20-30 years ago. Coleman's body fat percentage on contest day was probably around 1% or less(not an exaggeration). Arnold was probably closer to 3-4%(still impressive, none the less). I also agree, about the appearance of the older guys. Physiques are no longer scored based on aesthetics. It's all about freaky size.
  15. Get Some

    Get Some Member

    Ya, the size thing has kida turned me off to BBing a little. If I could pick a set of bis and a chest to have, there's no doubt it would be Arnold. His perfectly rounded huge chest is so aesthetically pleasing that it's ridiculous. And the peak of those bis, just ridculous. Complete mancrush,'ll admit it;)
  16. youngstunna

    youngstunna Member

    I look at the pics of Arnold when he was at his peak and he looked amazing, Between the cost of Growth and the gut, i think i will stick to AAS! I was told by a friend at the gym that Growth will make your intestines grow, theres no doubt that guys are bigger today but I personally like the look of my chest overshadowing my stomach, imo.
  17. TheGift1984

    TheGift1984 Junior Member

    Yeah for sure HGH and insulin together create viceral fat and internal growth:eek:
  18. Solo_builder

    Solo_builder Junior Member

    Definitely pregnant with muscles :D