Pregnenolone Half Life / DHT effects

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by rick055, Feb 16, 2008.

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    rick055 Junior Member

    On the day of my lab draw, I didn't take my pregnenolone (50 mg transdermal cream). How reliable is my DHT number?

    Is pregnenolone only effective for the day?

    If I had taken the preg, would my DHT value been even lower?

    I had been taking it for about two months prior.
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    Never put T creame on except testosterone before labs. Preg TD will lower your dht levels. mine dropped from 226 to 80 with 50 mgs a day in amatter of 6 weeks
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    rick055 Junior Member

    HAN, Dr J's instructions were to not take vitamins the day of the test but all other supps as usual. I would have thought his included DHEA and preg as they are not vitamins but supplements.

    Anyways, the specific test I am referring to is the DHT test which was drawn separately by my PCP. I did NOT apply my preg cream that day and am wondering if I had would DHT have been lower or, if the value represented was accurate.

    Again, said another way, is the preg cream effective for only a matter of hours or days?
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    joejoebaggins Junior Member

    Here are the directions:

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    rick055 Junior Member

    Interesting. My email does not contain those instruction and, in fact, says:

    "TAKE ALL MEDICATIONS AS PRESCRIBED. Take all supplements, but no vitamins."

    The way I read mine, I would conclude I would take DHEA and preg, just not the vitamins. I'll have to email them and ask.

    I think your instructions are for the urine test, which may differ.
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    joejoebaggins Junior Member

    My fault :eek: These are the urine directions!
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    plymouth city

    plymouth city Junior Member

    Unless he is getting a Urine draw, forget about it anyways - bloods are not a good reliable marker for DHT.

    I had very low DHT on bloods. I couldn't figure out why, given excessive body hair, thick beard, good libido....didnt make sense.

    Had it retested in Urines, it was at the top of the chart
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    JanSz Junior Member

    Possibly you have a situation similar to Anyman.
    He can't hold testosterone in his blood.
    He is using cobalt to rectify this.

    Few days ago there was discussion on this on dr Johns board.
    Johnatan Wright MD wrote paper about this condition.

    I newer got around to at least ask a question that came to my mind then.

    VitB12 contains cobalt.
    Possibly it is about B12 and not direct cobalt.

    We have to ask Anyman how is he doing, he chews on cobalt.
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    So plymouth you going to get on preg cream then since the urine is more accurate then blood.?
    TD hormones creates a resevoir of hormones built up over time.
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    plymouth city

    plymouth city Junior Member


    I think you are right on here

    B12 affects the assimilation of many vitamins also

    Folate is a biggie
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    plymouth city

    plymouth city Junior Member

    Im not sure our situations are that alike

    I am natural, he is on HRT
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    plymouth city

    plymouth city Junior Member

    Im staying far away from pregnenolone, or any hormone for that matter

    I have naturally high androgen levels, do not want to do anything to disrupt this delicate balance.

    Im not worried about hight DHT - It is not over range, prostate is fine

    Im not vain about my hair anyways, I look good with a shaved head [:eek:)]

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