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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by cooter, Feb 22, 2008.

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    cooter Junior Member

    How is it done? I hear of people with scripts, but that would worry the shit out of me if the doc got busted. You would sure be easy to find with your patient info in the doctors files. Am I missing something?
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    BloodyTampons Junior Member

    Hogg is a really good person to talk to about HRT via a Physician. He told me personally, through an email, about 4 years ago, that he no longer uses Sombat's Karachi Sustanon's. But rather has a prescription from his Family Doc. That is actually a very smart thing to do as it completely cleanses you of doing anything illegal.
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    lou123 Junior Member

    The ONLY way to get Test from a DR legally is to have Low testosterone. You will get a prescription for about 100mg a week so even if you don't use any it will still take about 30 weeks to get enough for a cycle
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    cooter Junior Member

    All good points! Well hell it's a good idea but I do think it would be tough to get the Doc to write up enough to blast a good cycle.
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    Digi Junior Member

    True but if you add a little of your own obtained in other ways your good. Plus you have a script so if your smart about how you transport your stuff you'll be safe.

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