Primo/Anavar Cycle - Confused

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  1. Ophydian

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    So I’ve been helping a female friend I’ve know for years. She’s done two Anavar cycles in the past at my direction.

    She’s currently on 50mg Primo (Bayer) @ 5 weeks and 2.5mg Anavar (Iran) @ 1 week. She’s showing decent improvements in muscle development. My confusion isn’t around her progress but more so around her lack of any typical side effects. The only thing as of right now is slight oily skin.

    I’ve instructed that she increase Anavar to 5mg for this week. If no signs are present I was think of increasing the Primo to 100mg or do you think keep it at 50mg and work on increasing Anavar since it will be faster to reduce dosage when sides become present?
  2. Mac11wildcat

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    2.5mg Anavar is a tiny dose. 5-10mg anavar and leave the primo where it is.
  3. Ophydian

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    I was being overly cautious I know. She’s my first experiment .

    I spoke with Kim and she’s lined me out.

    50mg split week.

    10mg split day.

    I wasn’t sure how much more potent pharma would be to UG, that was the basis for my caution.

    For reference the last UG Anavar cycle she was on 15mg split days with some minor sides. These were pressed pills and not capsules.
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  4. Demondosage

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    Just for the record, I knew a girl who did 100mg/wk primo once a week for 10 weeks and she looked incredible from it. She just shot it once a week x 10 weeks
  5. GearGodess

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    I personally wouldn't recommend jumping from 2.5mg var to 10mg var. To put it in perspective that's like you going from 250mg test to 10000mg. Not a gradual jump and asking for trouble increasing 4x right off the bat. And if she doesn't have any undesirable sides besides oily skin, then she should be happy. 1 week on var isn't sufficient enough to notice sides at low doses given it's a mild sides compound but potent for results. Give it time, var and primo are compounds requiring patience.

    Primo, keep the dose the same for time being if planning to ramp up var. But females can handle primo at 100mg a week without undesirable effects. I always recommend getting to know one compound at a time before playing with doses on multiple compounds, especially in females.
  6. Mac11wildcat

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    OP says two Anavar cycles prior to this which I assumed didn’t cap at 2.5mg because that’s borderline negligible. Also said she’s run up to 15mg in a post later on. So the new factor is primo. I assume you mean 250>1000, not 10k. But I don’t find that an apples:apples comparison, personally.
  7. GearGodess

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    What I meant by the comparison for you guys jumping to 10k from very modest dose, isn't something to do or a good idea. It was to put it into perspective for the male readers. If that's unclear, would you go from running 25mg/day Anadrol for one week then upping it to 200mg/day without knowing what other doses would feel like and do to your body? That's all I'm saying there. A little crazy and irresponsible IMO

    All I'm saying, if she's ran var at other doses, great but for a woman to run more than one compound is a little risky without knowing her max doses and what to expect of each on their own. Since she's been on primo for 5 weeks previously and added var, the best and most common sense way to gradually increase is the second compound based on this particular situation. Once she reaches her familiar territory of a dose slowly, then she can start increasing primo if all is good.
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  8. Mac11wildcat

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    I 100% agree with the bottom there. I should’ve been specific about ramping up, not jumping doses.
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  9. master.on

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    She'd be better off with a higher Var dosage and no Primo whatsoever.
    Primo is quite androgenic, at least for women.
  10. mands

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    Actually your explanation still doesn't make sense. You are not comparing apples to apples when you are trying to put in perspective.

    Jumping from 2.5mg var for a female to 10mg is an incremental jump of three. So, a male going from 25mg a drol in comparison you would be moving up to 100mg not 200mg.

    And as @Mac11wildcat stated the test jump from 250mg to 1000mg statement is more accurate not your 10k number.

    Your math is incorrect and the jump is not really that irresponsible or "border line negligible" for a female or male. I wouldn't advise doing so, but you are trying to proves a point and going about it incorrectly.

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  11. Ophydian

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    She did the jump and I’m happy to say she hasn’t grown a penis, yet.

    She did have a unfortunate, bitching out her daughter (Early 20’s) moment on day 2-3 of the increase, that was totally justified but out of character.
  12. TheAnabolicStore

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    She is your first experiment? Jesus make it sound more subtle will you :D

    Good thing you decided to up the dose, even 5mg was too low.
  13. Norse13

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    I beg to disagree somewhat, but that's perhaps why these forums are interesting.

    my wife has done about 5 cycles now. Var at 10mg gives her severe anger issues, to the point that it's detrimental to our marriage and she's yelling at the kids for the smallest things. Libido drops to zero because she's angry and think everybody else are stupid. Tried it 3 cycles and never again, stopped the last one after 3 weeks.

    37.5mg primo ace gave her good results but some nervousness and sleep difficulties, and sent her libido and kinkiness sky high to porn star levels. Voice started getting really hoarse after 7 weeks and she pulled the plug. That was obviously my favourite cycle. Voice totally back to normal after a month or so.

    12.5mg primo and 5mg tbol makes her feel really happy and confident, no nervousness or sleeplessness, libido well up. Perhaps a bit less results than 37.5mg primo, but for her (and us) the feel-good and zero side effects are worth the slightly slower gains. Mentally this was by far the best mix.
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  14. master.on

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    Deca at the same dosages at Primo would yield more gains and is much easier to bear.
    Women aren't as prone to shutdown as we men do.
  15. Norse13

    Norse13 Member

    Is this your personal experience?
    Over at TID forum, there's around 10 female NPP logs, almost all of them mention voice changes very early on.
    Wife decided to have a go with NPP at 20mg EOD (with var 10mg ED). It took 12 days before both her mum and our neighbours were asking what's wrong with your voice.
    She may throw in a tiny bit of NPP at 10 mg EOD at some later stage just for a tiny boost, but for her first experiment the sides were fast and too much.
    In our experience, Primo ace has been by far the best results vs sides. Don't see the benefit in primo e oils when primo a tabs are easily available (always send them to janos for testing).
  16. Savagesteve

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    Most don’t go with primo ace because it’s only half as potent as the injectable (meso steroid profile info). I think for the dosage that females need to take this doesn’t really make it a factor though.
  17. Norse13

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    My bad, her previous primo ace only cycle was 75mg/day. Now she's on 25mg/day + 5mg tbol. I mixed up tablet dosage.

    Costs for a male could be a concern, but for women it's not. E.g. ashop sells Balkan Pharma 50mg tabs for $1 each, and there's usually a discount going on. Add €80 for testing by Janos, at least that's what I do.

    I don't know the conversion, I suspect less than half bioavailability compared to oils. When my wife did 525mg tablets per week, that's probably less effect than 260mg/week oils. But it doesn't matter, it's still cheap as chips.
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